Lancia Logo

Lancia car logo

Founded 1906
Founder Vincenzo Lancia
Headquarters Turin, Italy
Parent FCA Italy
Owner Fiat Chrysler Automobiles
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Meaning and History

Lancia Logo history

The Lancia logo boasts a rich history, which has witnessed six versions.

1906 – 1911

Lancia Logo 1906

1911 – 1929

Lancia Logo 1911

1929 – 1957

Lancia Logo 1957

1957 – 1974

Lancia Logo 1959

1974 – 2007

Lancia Logo 1974

The current logo features the steering wheel figure, which has been around since 1911, and the Reuleaux triangle, which has been the logo’s basic element since 1929.

2007 – now

Logo Lancia

Today, the logo is a chrome-frame triangle and the chrome steering wheel, which has been redesigned and now has two spikes. The wheel is placed on a blue background. This logo version was created and introduced at Geneva Motor Show in 2007.

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