Founded 2015
Headquarters Nanchang, China
Owners Renault SAS
China Agricultural Development Construction Fund Corporation
Official Site

Jiangling Motors Electric Vehicle (JMEV) stands as a prominent player in the electric vehicle (EV) sector, focusing primarily on the production and sale of eco-friendly automobiles. Established as a subsidiary of Jiangling Motors Corporation (JMC), JMEV operates within China’s burgeoning electric vehicle market, where it has carved out a niche by offering a range of electric cars and utility vehicles designed to meet the diverse needs of modern consumers and businesses.

Meaning and History

JMEV Logo history

Jiangling Motors Electric Vehicle (JMEV), a subsidiary of Jiangling Motors Corporation Ltd., was founded with a clear vision to spearhead innovations in the electric vehicle industry. Since its inception, JMEV has been pivotal in adapting new energy solutions tailored to the automotive market.

From its early days, JMEV was poised to make significant contributions to the electric vehicle landscape in China. The company rapidly developed a range of electric models that catered to both personal and commercial use, demonstrating its commitment to sustainability and innovation. Among its main achievements was the introduction of popular electric cars that combined affordability with advanced technology, thus making electric vehicles accessible to a broader segment of the population.

As the years progressed, JMEV continued to expand its product lineup, improving the performance and efficiency of its vehicles. The company has been involved in several key partnerships and collaborations that have further enhanced its technological capabilities and market reach. These strategic alliances have been instrumental in advancing JMEV’s research and development efforts, particularly in the areas of battery technology and autonomous driving systems.

Today, JMEV holds a significant position in the electric vehicle sector, recognized as one of the leading EV manufacturers in China. The company continues to innovate, driven by its commitment to environmental sustainability and its ambition to play a crucial role in the global transition towards cleaner energy. As it moves forward, JMEV remains focused on enhancing its technologies and expanding its influence in the electric vehicle market, both domestically and internationally.

2015 – 20??

JMEV Logo 2015

The logo for Jiangling Motors Electric Vehicle (JMEV) combines metallic elements and vibrant colors to present a visual identity that’s both striking and representative of the automotive sector. On the left, there’s a metallic badge that features a stylized triangle within a circle, encapsulated by a partial ring that completes the circumference on the upper half.

Adjacent to the badge is the abbreviation “JMEV,” rendered in bold, uppercase letters with a vibrant green color that stands out and draws attention. The use of green is often associated with eco-friendliness and sustainability, which is apt for a company specializing in electric vehicles. The font is modern and clean, ensuring readability and a contemporary feel.

Below the English lettering is the company’s Chinese name, indicating its origin and primary market. The color and font choice of both the English and Chinese text support the image of JMEV as a forward-looking and environmentally conscious company.

Overall, the logo design conveys a sense of innovation, environmental responsibility, and modernity, aligning with the company’s ethos as a producer of electric vehicles. It suggests that JMEV is a company that values technology and progress, aiming to play a significant role in the future of sustainable transportation.

20?? – Today


The logo provided is a graphic representation of Jiangling Motors Electric Vehicle (JMEV). It is a stylized combination of letters and geometric shapes that convey a sense of movement and modernity, which is often sought after in the electric vehicle industry.

The emblem part of the logo is composed of three diagonal stripes that, when combined, form a dynamic shape reminiscent of the letter “E” for ‘Electric’. The stripes are arranged in a way that gives the emblem a three-dimensional effect, conveying forward motion, which could symbolize the forward-thinking approach of the company and the forward motion of vehicles.

Beneath the emblem is the acronym “JMEV,” representing the company’s focus on electric vehicles. The letters are in uppercase with a modern sans-serif typeface. The “J” and “E” feature unique cuts in their shapes, mirroring the sharp angles and lines of the emblem above. This creates a cohesive look between the emblem and the wordmark.

The logo’s use of black suggests sophistication and elegance, and the simplicity of the color scheme allows for versatile use across various media and platforms. The entire design is straightforward, yet it carries a visual impact that aligns with the innovative nature of the electric vehicle sector. The logo communicates the brand’s commitment to modern, efficient, and environmentally friendly transportation solutions.

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