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Alfa Romeo Logo Meaning and History

“ALFA” stands for “Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili” – the name of the very first plant, which was acquired by Cavalier Ugo Stella in 1910. At that very moment Alfa Romeo history started. Cars made by this Italian brand are famous for sporty driving characteristics and passionate styling. They started to appear in the US in 1950s.

Alfa Romeo history

Alfa Romeo has been a part of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles since 1986. Italian company’s racing resume is impressive. It includes 5 world championships and 4 Le Mans, over 15 European Championships and more than 10 Mille Miglias.


The first version of Alfa Romeo logo was created in 1910 by Romano Cattaneo, who was inspired by the emblem he had noticed in Castello Sforzesco. His sketch was approved by the board, and Cattaneo was entrusted with making final design.

Alfa Romeo logo

Logo description

This logo includes two heraldic elements associated with Milan, where the automaker’s history started: a red cross (symbol of Italian capital) and the biscione (comes from the coat of arms of the family that ruled Milan seven centuries ago). Originally this badge was made of enameled brass and had a round shape.

Logo description Alfa Romeo

In 2015 an all-new emblem was introduced. This logo, designed by Robilant Associati, differs from the original one in colors (green, red, dark blue) and type face. Also, you can notice a silver textured background, which has replaced white and light blue field.

Alfa Romeo symbol

Alfa Romeo symbol

Company’s symbol is a quadrifoglio (green cloverleaf with four leaves) placed into a triangle. It can be spotted on Alfa Romeo racing cars since 1923. Since 1940s it appeared only on the upscale autos. In most models it is placed on the side panel of an auto or on its front wings.

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Laurel on the Alfa Romeo emblem


In 1925, following Alfa Romeo’s victory at the first World Championship, a golden laurel crown appeared on the company’s logo. It stayed there for over half a century. In 1982 the company’s designer team decided that the laurel crown should be removed. In addition to this, one more change was introduced simultaneously: the diameter of the logo was increased.

 Color of the Alfa Romeo Logo


Every element of the emblem has its specific color, from the red cross associated with Milan and crusaders, to the green snake. Due to the use of two shades of gray the logo has a 3D contrast of illuminations and shadows. The machines that made emblems were destroyed during the World War II, so in 1946 a single-color version was created. It was used until 1950, when every color of the Alfa Romeo Logo returned to its place.

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