Japanese Car Brands

Japanese car brands

Automobile industry in the world

The branch of automobile industry originated in the 80-90s of the XIXth century in France and Germany and in the end of the XIX – the beginning of the XXth centuries  it emerged in England , Austria-Hungary, Italy, USA, Belgium, Canada, Switzerland, Sweden, and the Russian Empire.

The automobile industry was created in the USSR since the 1930s.

In the 1950-60th years the automobile industry began to  develop intensively in Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Spain and narrow-mindedly – in India, the People’s Republic of China, and a number of other countries.

Since the middle of the 1970s machines with automatic control and automated production lines with industrial manipulating robots received the wide circulation in the automobile industry.

In the beginning of the 1980s, Japan deprived the rank of the world leader of automobile industry from the USA and in the middle of the decade, intensive development of car production in South Korea began. In the 1990s – the beginning of 2000s in some European post socialist countries car production was modernized with the help of the leading Western European car manufactures.

Japanese car manufactures

Until the middle of the XIXth century, the wheel in Japan was almost under prohibition. However, having proclaimed itself a civilized country, Japan stepped 150 years ago on a new road of development and it turned out to move along it was more comfortable on wheels.

Before the middle of the 30s of the last century, Japanese tried to actively copy American samples and technologies available in the country.

Japanese automobile industry is, of course, Toyota. But the company existing since the 1890 before the 1936 produced weaving looms. A little less pretentious Nissan came into the world in the 1936. Honda is 12 years younger. The first Mazda rolled off the production line in the 1940 and Suzuki ceased to churn out still the same looms only in the 1952. Perhaps Izudzu who already in the 1916 sought to organize production of Japanese cars became the true pioneer in the Japanese car market.

Essentially, the Japanese automotive industry was born on the 26th of June 1950 – on the day of the beginning of the war in Korea. The Ministry of external industry and foreign trade of Japan prepared recommendations on development of the Japanese automobile industry for that time and in the first 8 months of the war; the USA bought 11920 cars in Japan. At one moment Toyota, Nissan, and Isuzu join the ranks of a number of leading companies of the country.

In the 1970 Japan sent for export 726 000 units from 3 179 000 cars manufactured in the country.

In the 1974 Japan with its Toyota, Nissan, Honda and Mitsubishi outscored in the volume of export of cars the country No 1 in this field – Germany with unwavering before that Mercedes, Audi and Volkswagen. This situation did not change still.

In the middle of the 80s, “Nissan- Sunny” was one of the most popular models.

Today motor vehicle manufacturing in Japan decreased, which occurred because of a very firm Yen and the tough rivalry against the USA.

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Japanese car brands



Toyota: the description of the logo
Founded: 1937
Website: www.toyota-global.com

Toyota is considered one of the best Japanese cars` maker in the world. Toyota`s cars are of high quality and safety.



Lexus: the description of the logo
Founded: 1989
Website: www.lexus-int.com

Lexus is the Toyota`s counterpart of Nissan`s Infinity. From the first emerging of the L400 in the 1989, Lexus proved able to overcome the performance of Honda’s Acura in America.



Suzuki: the description of the logo
Founded: 1909
Website: www.globalsuzuki.com

Suzuki is well- known for different models of motorcycles. However, it is also the carmaker, which was able to get the tenth rank between car manufactures from all over the world in the 2011. Besides cars and motorcycles, Suzuki produces ATVs and outboard marine engines in 23 countries.



Mazda: the description of the logo
Founded: 1920
Parent Company: Ford Motor Company
Website: www.mazda.com

Mazda is a significant player at the world auto market, which producers its cars using its national industrial capacities. From the 1979 till the 2010 the Japanese carmaker collaborated with Ford. Together they evolved such divisions as the Autozam, the Efini, the Eunos and the Xedos.

Japanese car names like Mazda also present in the sport car category.



Honda: the description of the logo
Founded: 1946
Website: world.honda.com

Honda started the production of cars only from the 1969, as motorcycles were its initial models. Now Honda has about twenty models in assembly. Accord and SUV CR- V are the most renowned ones.



Acura: the description of the logo
Founded: 1986
Parent Company: Honda Motor Company, Ltd
Website: www.acura.com

Acura is the separate division of Honda.  Thought it was established only in the 1986, its models are sold massively, predominantly overseas.



Mitsubishi: the description of the logo
Founded: 1970
Website: www.mitsubishi.com

Mitsubishi Group is a giant auto manufacturer, which collaborated with Daimler-Chrysler in the 2000s, overwhelm impact of the financial crises. Its models, such as the Lancer or the Outlander, put the Mitsubishi name among the important auto producers. Well- known Pajero is now one of the world’s most acknowledged SUVs.



Nissan: the description of the logo
Founded: 1933
Website: www.nissan-global.com

It is the part of the Renault-Nissan alliance. Nissan is between the world’s top carmakers with vehicles commercialized all over the world. Its main markets are in China and Russia, thanks to consolidations with the Dongfeng Motor Corporation and Russian Technologies. Nissan is one of thr innovative manufacturers, showing interest for electric vehicles and for luxury car models.



Infiniti: the description of the logo
Founded: 1989
Parent Company: Nissan Motor Company
Website: www.infiniti.com

Infiniti is a top-range branch of Nissan. It began to sell its cars in the USA, and within next twenty years, it conquered markets in about 15 countries.



Subaru: the description of the logo
Founded: 1953
Website: www.subaru-global.com

Subaru is the car-producing branch of the company Fuji Heavy Industries. It is well- known for introducing the boxer engine placement and symmetrical all-wheel drive technology. Subaru manufactures rally cars and turbo versions of popular passenger cars.

Other car brands




Daihatsu Kogyo Co. Ltd. is a subsidiary of the company Toyota specialized in motor vehicle manufacturing. The company’s name is the abbreviation of two hieroglyphs. The first part of the abbreviation comes from the name of the city Osaka, where the company Hatsudoki Seizo Co., Ltd, which was engaged in the production of car engines on the base of the Osaka university and the activity of which lasted during 20 years, was situated. The second part represents a combination of the hieroglyphs meaning “production of engines”. Daihatsu emblem looks very laconic as the slogan by the company: “We make it compact”. There is a stylized element in form of the letter “D”. Its cars are delivered to more than 100 countries of the world.

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The trade mark Fuso belongs to the German car concern Daimler, which owns a larger share of the company’s stock (about 90%) and to the company Mitsubishi. Buses and trucks of Fuso are produced since the end of the 20s of the XXth century. Fuso line includes vans and chassis Fuso Canter.



The company Isuzu started its existence in the 1889, then its name sounded as Tokyo Ishikawajima Shipbuilding & Engineering Co., Ltd. This is one of the first companies, which began to use diesel engines in motor vehicle manufacturing. The company produced its first car in the 1916. The company started to produce its commercial cars in the 1922 together with British car company Wolseley Motor Ltd. In the 1949, the company was renamed into Isuzu Motors Limited. It was named after the Japanese river Isuzu. Isuzu emblem looks simple enough. Its initial letter is stylized; it is a symbol of growth. Red color of the emblem corresponds to the insignia of the Land of the Rising Sun.



The company Mitsuoka has reputation of the most original Japanese carmaker. Susumu Mitsuoka founded the company in the 1968. Originally, the make was engaged only in car repairs and pre-sale preparation, but in a short run of time, it managed to become a rather known carmaker. Mitsuoka emblem is well recognized by motorists all over the world: the white figure “eight” end star inside a circle is depicted against the blue background of the logo.



The company belongs to the car concern Toyota. It produces cars only for the North America. All the cars of the make Scion are available only in a single configuration. However, such concepts as SCION FUSE and SCION T2B are also offered. The company emblem was created in California. The stylized letter “S” is depicted on it, it symbolizes a swimming shark, which unites the logo with lovers of extreme sports, especially, related to an ocean. The company name is translated as an “heir”.



In the 1942, the company Hino Heavy Industry Co., Ltd was separated from the company Diesel Motor Industry Co. Thus, the company Hino appeared. After the end of the Second World War, Hino Heavy Industry removed the word “Heavy” from its name and concentrated its efforts on production of trucks, buses and diesel engines. In the 1948, the company added the word “Diesel” to its name. The make belongs to the concern Toyota. It is one of the leading Japanese truck manufacturers.

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