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Isuzu car logo

Native name いすゞ自動車株式会社
Founded 1934
Founder Armand Isuzu
Headquarters Tokyo, Japan
Slogan Rajanya Diesel (The King of Diesel)
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Meaning and History

Isuzu Logo history

Isuzu is one of the world’s top manufacturers of cars and car engines. It produces heavy trucks and commercial vehicles. Isuzu engines are featured in Opel, Renault, and GM vehicles.


The Isuzu logo is a wordmark written in red caps with symmetrical ‘S” and “Z”. The earlier logo version featured two vertical pillars that symbolized excellence and were to emphasize the high quality of all Isuzu products.

The bright logo design has made Isuzu products recognizable around the world. The company’s signature font and color are reflective of its infinite thirst for perfection and integrity.

1949 – 1974

Isuzu Logo 1949

1974 – 1991

Isuzu Logo 1974

1991 – now

Isuzu Logo history

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