List of all Swedish Car Brands

Although Sweden is far from being one of the world’s largest automakers, it is still the home country for several well-known brands, including Volvo, Saab, and Scania.

Export means much to the local auto industry, as 85% of passenger automobiles made inside the country are sold abroad. For heavy vehicles, the export volume is even higher, it reaches 95%. Car sales account for about 12% of the country’s export income.


Volvo Cars

Volvo Logo

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Founded: 1927

Unlike the truck manufacturer Volvo AB, the Volvo Cars company belongs to Chinese owners. The company is based in Hisingen. Over 50% of its worldwide employees work in Sweden.


Koenigsegg Lоgo

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Founded: 1994

The brand headquartered in Ängelholm, Skåne County, is famous for its high-performance sports cars.

Uniti Sweden AB

Uniti Sweden AB logo

Founded: 2016

The company established by Lewis Horne develops a high tech electric city car. Uniti Sweden AB grew out of an open innovation project at Lund University. The startup is based in Lund.


Caresto logo

Founded: 2004

The founder of Caresto is the Volvo Concept Center employee Leif Tufvesson. The brand is registered in Ängelholm.

Saab Automobile AB

Logo Saab

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Founded: 1945-2012

One of the most known carmakers became property of General Motors in 2000, which, in its turn, sold it to the Dutch automaker Spyker Cars in 2010. A year later, the company filed for bankruptcy. Its bankrupt estate was purchased by National Electric Vehicle Sweden in 2012, which started manufacturing the Saab 9-3 in 2013. However, a year later, the company lost its rights for the Saab brand and is now going to make electric cars similar to 9-3 under its own marque.

While the number of active Swedish car brands is only about five, the number of the defunct brands exceeds 30. In addition to Saab, the list of the largest defunct brands includes the truck manufacturer Scania (1903–1911).



Founded: 2012



Polestar logo

Founded: 1996


Scania Logo

Founded: 1891

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