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Lexus Lоgo

Founded 1983
Founder Eiji Toyoda
Headquarters Nagoya, Japan
Toyota Toyota
Slogan “The Pursuit of Perfection”
“Amazing in Motion”
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Meaning and History

Lexus Logo history

Lexus — is a firm sign of the Toyota car corporation for such export markets as North America, the Middle East, Europe, Africa, Latin America, Asia, and Oceania.

In 1983, Toyota decided to come out to the most receptive North American premium-class car market. From a technical point of view, the Japanese were ready for the expansion; the snag was in the name. Now and then, Toyota comes off as a mass automobile manufacturer. Therefore, it was decided to create the new make from scratch.

lexus sign

In 1986, the creation of the new brand was assigned to the advertising agency Saatchi&Saatchi, which is a ToyotaMotor partner for many years. A new department TeamOne was formed for this purpose. 219 different names for the brand were suggested. The main claimants were chosen from them: Vectre, Verone, Chaparel, Calibre, Alexis. As a result, the name Alexis turned out to be a preferable option, but because of strong associations with Alexis Carrington, the character of the series “Dynasty,” popular in the 1980th years was decided to transform the name into Lexus. The basic slogan of Lexus: “The Relentless Pursuit of Perfection”, – which is used even now in its advertising companies, was also invented then.

Lexus car logo

The Italian designer Dzhordzhetto Dzhudzharo who participated in the creation of the first model of Lexus– the sedan LS400 – advised the idea of the logo. He rejected an original variant of the emblem in the form of a heraldic shield.

Lexus Logo History

The result of diligences of Toyota’s engineers, the concept of the car Lexus LS 400 appeared in July 1985. The sales of LS 400 started in September 1989. Outside this car far more resembled its European or American counterparts, than a “Japanese.” Initially, the sales brought only disappointments. But it did not ruin the new brand. In 1989, 16 thousand cars were sold. This model didn’t attain the level of Mercedes, but was more available and was distinguished by excellent manageability.

lexus hybrid logo

Subsequently, other more or less successful models appeared. Some of them were vouchsafed rather prestigious awards. But above all, the brand became respected and achieved recognition.

1989 – now

Lexus Logo 1989

The original badge of the luxury Japanese car brand Lexus was created in 1989 and hasn’t been changed for many years. The logo, which today is recognizable all over the globe, consists of a sty slush minimalistic emblem and a custom uppercase lettering in a fancy and modern sans-serif font. The emblem features a stylized capital “L” in a slightly horizontally circular extended circular frame, with both the horizontal and vertical bars cutting it up. As for the inscription part, it is executed in a custom font with a unique shape of the “E”.


Lexus Logo

First time in the Lexus history, it’s logo was redesigned in 2023. The new badge is composed of an uppercase lettering executed in a three-dimensional silver metallic and set over a glossy calm blue background. The inscription is set in the uppercase of a smooth and futuristic sans-serif font, with the characters set on a significant distance from each other.

Symbol Description

Lexus Symbol Description

The symbol of Lexus is the letter “L” dynamically curved and matched with an oval as a symbol of luxury not requiring demonstrativeness.


Lexus Logo Color

The Lexus logo features a steel gray motive, which depicts creativity, perfection, sophistication, and actualness.


Lexus Emblem

The Lexus emblem incorporates a solid and exquisite custom typeface. The decorative font is perfectly suited.

Today the line of the company is represented by several models, inter alia, an off-road vehicle as well.

The two main novelties of Lexus on the motor- show in Geneva in 2016 open the make`s plans for the next years. Promising technologies are the main point, on which the Japanese decided to concentrate their attention.

The Japanese seriously engaged in the change of image of the make, the only notorious reliability is not sufficient anymore. The series coupe Lexus LC 500 with the five-liter V8 engine, represented at the Geneva salon, shows it.


But designer frills of Lexus LC, even catching the eye ones, are not the only thing, which should be retained in the future generations` memory. The car is made on new rear-wheel-drive platform GA-L, which in the future will start to be used in other cars. Also, a new hybrid Multi-Stage technology debuts on the coupe. Having added a four-step automatic transmission to the powertrain, the Japanese engineers made it more efficient, than similar plants produced based on the former technology.


The Lexus engineers are confident that four years later in 2020 a premium-model on hydrogen fuel will come to serial life. The Lexus LF-FC concept becomes the first result of the adaptation of technology of fuel cells for requirements of rich Lexus buyers. The onboard computer, the multimedia, and navigation are controlled in LF-FC via a holographic menu reacting to the movement of a driver’s hands. This is the same type of future, which Hollywood filmmakers invented 30 years ago. And it comes.

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