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Honda Logo Meaning and History

Honda is a company founded in the 1946 by a Japanese engineer, inventor, and car racer Soichiro Honda. The company in its present form with all its more than 50-year history exists thanks to his bold, ingenious and non-standard way of thinking and behavior.

The Honda logo means the capital H, but, naturally, in a distinctive design.  H is the first letter in the name of the company founder, Soichiro Honda. “Dream power” is the Honda motto. This is the very precise definition of the company’s activity.

Honda Logo History

In time of its existence, the Honda Motor company has turned into the largest producer of motorcycles in the world and become one of the leaders of automobile industry. Having created a global network of 454 subsidiaries and the branches, the cooperation with which is being undertaken on the principle of equity, Honda develops, manufactures and sells in the market a broad range of products, starting from small universal motors and scooters up to specialized sports cars; everything taken together gave the company world renown and trust of customers all over the world.

Honda logo

Honda Symbol Description

Honda Symbol Description

The worldwide known Honda company has a symbol not leaving any puzzles or doubts. The heart of any driver is freezing, enjoying exquisite simplicity of this sign on the hood of Japanese autos. This is the capital H executed in the original style.

Honda Logo Colors

Honda Logo Colors

The Honda logo includes silver, red and black colors. All these tints symbolize elegance, passion and exquisiteness of the Honda make.

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Honda Emblem

Honda Emblem

The Honda emblem uses a custom type of letters. Why did the creator choose this type of Honda emblem? Soichiro Honda considered that all his life, even his destination was concentrated in his creation. Therefore he gave his power and the particle of his life energy to the emblem. Based on the success, which always accompanies the brand progress, it is really so!

With an appearance of such new models as Honda HR-V and Honda Jazz, as well as of the sport car Civic Type R and the crossover CR-V, Honda is able to offer the buyers one of the most interesting and new lines of cars in the market capable to meet requirements of a broad circle of consumers. The appearance of the super car Honda NSX will contribute to the expansion of existing series. The tenth generation of Civic in Europe will be available in the beginning of the 2017. Production of a five-door variant will be organized at the plant in Great Britain. For these purposes, 270 million euros were invested to provide the enterprise with necessary innovative capacities.

In addition, the car-maker plans to focus on modernization of engines and transmissions, as well as on the reduction of their weight.

The Japanese car-maker will develop the hybrid technologies which, in its opinion, must occupy 80 per cent of sales in Japan and 20 per cent in the USA as well.

There is one more important point on the agenda: the achievement of 50-per cent heat efficiency at the expense of turbo charging and technology of the diluted mixture ignition. This system is preparing for the 1,0-litre engines, which are expected in the market by the 2020.

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Honda Civic logo


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