Keinath Logo


Keinath Logo

Founded 1993
Founder Horst Keinath
Headquarters Reutlingen, Deutschland

Meaning and History

Keinath Logo history

German automobile brand Keinath from family tuning studio, since 1983, has turned to specialized small-scale production of racing cars on the basis of Opel. And therefore the main symbolic meanings, enclosed in the logo, can be considered speed, aerodynamics and modern design, both internal and external.

The monochrome logo of the brand, developed by Edag Engineering & Design AG, is characterized by the rarely used effect of horizontal “prolongation” in both directions. The elements of the first and last letter, extending horizontally, enhance the “blurring” effect of the image, which is characteristic for movement at high speed. And this is understandable, because even the very first cars of the brand moved at a speed of more than 240 kilometers per hour. Diagonal arrangement of letters also contributes to the creation of the effect of amplification, acceleration, speed. In turn, the obvious difference in height between the letters at the beginning of the history of the brand is a reference to the first model of the brand – the cabriolet.

In 2010, before the premiere Keinath GT / C, there was talk about a possible change in the logo, but the manufacturer decided to refrain from significant changes in the visual reflection of the brand.

1983 – 1988

Keinath Logo 1983

1988 – 1993

Keinath Logo 1988

1993 – 2003

Keinath Logo 1993

2003 – now

Logo Keinath

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