Borgward Logo


Borgward Logo

Founded 1919
Founder Carl F. W. Borgward
Headquarters Bremen, Germany
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Borgward is a unique phenomenon of the German automotive industry of recent times. The brand, which ceased to exist in 1963, literally rebounded at the Munich International Motor Show in 2015, literally rebounded from non-existence, and even with a new logo.

Meaning snd History

Borgward Logo history

The updated logo is a diamond-shaped geometric design consisting of four triangles arranged in checkerboard pattern. The colors of the triangles – red and white – represent a symbolic reference to the flag of Bremen (the city in Germany where the revived company is located), and also, in part, to medieval theaters and dominoes. The main color of the logo is white or silver, which symbolizes in heraldry the desire for the future and an unblemished reputation.

The name of the brand, according to the established tradition, is favorably placed in the center of the composition, and is a unified font of black color, placed on a silver background.

1919 – 1945

Borgward Logo 1919

1945 – 19??

Borgward Logo 1945

19?? – 1961

Borgward Logo 19-1961

2005 – now

Logo Borgward

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