Top 3 Luxury Car Brands in Year 2017

Top 3 Luxury Car Brands in Year 2017

Cars, the dream machine for many people dominated the year 2017. However, luxury cars ruled the scenario this year. The reason is that more and more people wanted to include these luxurious pieces of machinery in their list of possessions. In fact, gone are those days when these high priced cars were within reach of only a few. The present economic condition has enabled many to buy these exquisite cars.

Though there have been many luxury cars present in the market, only few could make it to the top. These car brands were able to set the bar for comfort, style, and performance. Moreover, these car brands offered much more customization when compared to an inexpensive range of cars.

Here is information on top 3 luxury car brands of the year 2017.


Acura luxury

Acura plays in luxury sedans offers the best when it comes to an extravagant fleet of cars. The models of cars offered such as ILX, MDX, RDX, NLX, TLX, etc. are just awesome. All these models provide an ideal crossover for people who are looking for comfort, innovation, superb features, and exquisite looks in a car. In fact, these models of cars can be defined as supercars which possess the power to offer you a thrill when you drive them.


KIA luxury

Second position goes to Kia, which is South Korea’s second largest automobile firm. The model which wins it the rank of luxury car brand in 2017 is Rio. The car is a packet full of comfort and convenience for its users. One can get Bluetooth connectivity, cruise control, automated emergency brakes, adding to the luxury quotient of the car.

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Mercedes luxury

Mercedes, another name of luxury blend with comfort bags the topmost position for luxury car brands in 2017. The Mercedes S-class is the topmost luxury car offered by the company. The cars offered by the company possess fantastic engines offering perfect in-gear acceleration.


These luxury car brands are an ideal merger of everything a user looks for. In fact, the high prices of these luxury cars are completely justified. These car brands have a long following, and the reason is their unmatchable features in the cars. No one can forget the style quotient though.

Luxury is nothing which can be attained easily for a brand. Many efforts need to be made for getting a car brand on the top. However, all these 3 car brands have rightfully earned this luxury tag.


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