15 Best Electric Cars for Kids

15 Best Electric Cars for Kids

The world of high-tech toys offers a wide range of exciting options for the entire family, from realistic ride-on vehicles for children to electric cars designed for toddlers. These miniature replicas of their favorite rides provide a safe and thrilling experience for kids.

However, the best battery-powered kids’ cars are more than just toys. They incorporate cutting-edge automotive technology, making it accessible and enjoyable for children to learn about road safety and sustainability through play.

Electric cars are now available for kids of all ages, from one-year-olds to nine-year-olds and beyond. This provides an excellent opportunity to instill an understanding of sustainable transportation from an early age.

Beyond these educational benefits, electric cars for kids offer numerous advantages. They stimulate a child’s imagination and enhance their motor skills while providing an early taste of the excitement of sitting behind the wheel.

So, why not share your passion for automobiles with your children? Electric cars for kids allow them to experience the thrill of gripping the steering wheel from a young age. In this guide, we’ll explore the top 15 electric cars for kids and highlight essential safety features to consider when making your selection.

The best electric car for kids

After thorough evaluation, the Ride-On Jeep stands out as the finest choice for kids’ ride-on cars. It boasts a two-seater capacity, lifelike details, and a three-speed system equipped with parental controls to ensure the highest level of safety.

  1. Ride-On Jeep: Best overall kids’ electric car of the year
  2. GMC Sierra Denali: Best ride-on pickup truck
  3. Mercedes Benz GTR: Best two-seaters
  4. Razor Dirt Quad: Best 24V ride-on
  5. Lamborghini Aventador: Best for driving on the street
  6. Dodge Viper SRT: Best for woods exploration
  7. John Deere Ground Force: Best ride-on tractor
  8. Best Choice Ride-On: Best pink electric car
  9. Ride-On Truck: Best car to drive in the garden
  10. Costzon Dune Racer: Best for driving on the beach
  11. Maserati GranCabrio: Smoothest ride
  12. Mercedes-Benz 300SL: Best first electric car
  13. Tesla Cyber Truck: Best for general outdoor
  14. TOBBI : Best kids’ electric police car
  15. Broage Racer: Best for indoor use

1. Ride-On Jeep: Best Overall Kids’ Electric Car of the Year

Ride-On Jeep

The Ride-On Jeep is an exceptional choice for a kids’ electric car, with its strong combination of safety features and off-road capabilities. However, it’s important to note that it’s not suitable for indoor use due to its size. The 12V battery, adjustable seatbelts, three-speed settings, and remote control option make it a well-rounded and secure choice for young drivers. The addition of an MP3 player adds entertainment value. With various color options available, you can select your child’s preferred style. If you’re looking for an electric car that can handle various terrains and provide a fun and safe riding experience, the Ride-On Jeep is a top pick.

2. GMC Sierra Denali: Best Ride-On Pickup Truck

GMC Sierra Denali

The officially-licensed GMC Sierra Denali pickup truck for kids is an excellent choice for those seeking a stylish and safe electric car for their child. This mini electric car combines aesthetics and functionality with a top speed of 2.8mph, powered by its 12V battery. It’s equipped with four-wheel suspensions, LED headlights, an MP3 player, lockable doors, a storage compartment, and a reliable electric brake system, offering a comprehensive and luxurious experience for young drivers.

In terms of safety, the GMC Sierra Denali features a long-range parent remote control and an emergency brake, ensuring your child’s well-being during their adventures. With a cabin capable of accommodating up to 62 lbs, and slightly larger dimensions (53″ L x 33.5″ W x 29″ H) compared to other children’s cars, it’s a great choice for kids aged three and older, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

3. Mercedes Benz GTR: Best Two-Seaters

Mercedes Benz GTR

The Mercedes Benz GTR Kids ride-on car is the epitome of style for young drivers who want to experience both indoor and outdoor cruising in a realistic and chic manner. Modeled after the iconic grille and streamlined design of Mercedes-Benz vehicles, this mini car offers a range of features that provide a genuine driving experience for kids.

With radio, USB, and auxiliary connectivity, as well as remote control steering assistance, children can enjoy a realistic driving experience. The car features three-speed settings, with a maximum speed of 3.72 mph, as well as reverse and brake functionalities. It can accommodate up to 88 lbs in its cabin and has dimensions of 53″ (L) x 33.5″ (W) x 29″ (H). This two-door electric car is suitable for children aged 3 to 8 who have a passion for officially licensed Mercedes Benz electric cars.

The Mercedes Benz GTR Kids ride-on car is our top choice for the best street-ready two-seater ride-on car, providing young drivers with an exceptional and stylish driving experience.

4. Razor Dirt Quad: Best 24V Ride-On

Razor Dirt Quad

If you’re in search of an electrifying ride-on experience suitable for children aged 5 to 10 who are already comfortable behind the wheel, the Razor-Dirt-Quad is an excellent choice. What sets this model apart is its powerful 24V battery, making it the most potent ride-on vehicle on our list. It’s important to note that due to its high power level, the Razor-Dirt-Quad is not suitable for younger children, as it can be unsafe for those under 5 years of age.

The Razor-Dirt-Quad is the ultimate option for school-age children who are seeking a premium ride-on car experience. It’s designed to comfortably accommodate two kids at once, or even a child and an adult, depending on their combined weight. What’s more, a fully charged battery can last for up to two days of uninterrupted driving.

The large wheelbase of the Razor-Dirt-Quad enables it to transition seamlessly from roads to beaches and woods, allowing your child to follow you wherever you venture. This robust and versatile ride-on car is perfect for older kids who are looking for an adventurous and high-powered driving experience.

5. Lamborghini Aventador: Best for Street Driving

Lamborghini Aventador

If you’re looking to introduce your child to the world of automotive luxury from an early age, the officially-licensed Lamborghini Aventador is an ideal choice. This mini Lambo offers a high-tech sports car experience, complete with upward-swinging doors, making your child feel like they’re driving a real sports car. The car is loaded with technological features, including LED headlamps and a built-in auxiliary outlet, allowing you to play your own music through the vehicle. It delivers a genuine car experience with maximum street presence, all packaged in a compact and stylish form.

Measuring 52 inches in length, 28.75 inches in width, and 18 inches in height, this car is best suited for children between the ages of three and eight. It boasts a top speed of 3.7 miles per hour and can be steered by the child from within the cabin or remotely controlled by a parent. With a weight limit of 66 pounds, this kid-powered car is versatile for both indoor and outdoor use, making it an exciting and stylish option for young car enthusiasts.

6. Dodge Viper SRT: Best for Woods Exploration

Dodge Viper SRT

When you’re looking for a safe and adventurous all-terrain sports car for your child’s outdoor adventures, the Dodge Viper SRT (for kids!) is the perfect choice. Equipped with rubber traction strip tires, it’s ready to tackle any terrain, whether indoors or outdoors. This mini electric car combines the rugged durability of a real vehicle with the sleek appearance and high-tech accessories reminiscent of a coupe, making it a great option for kids on the move.

With a top speed of 5 mph, it can accommodate two riders weighing up to 130 lbs, making it ideal for family fun. The car’s dimensions are 58 x 23 x 33 inches (L×W×H), and it’s best suited for kids aged 3 to 7 years. Thanks to its all-terrain rubber traction tires, the Kid Trax Dodge Viper is perfect for exploring woods and forests, providing your child with exciting outdoor adventures.

7. John Deere Ground Force: Best Ride-On Tractor

John Deere Ground Force

If your child is eager to help in the garden, the John Deere Ground Force tractor with a trailer is the perfect choice. This ride-on car is manufactured by the renowned Italian brand Peg Perego, known for producing top-quality infant car seats with excellent safety ratings, ensuring the utmost quality for this ride-on vehicle.

Apart from its functionality, this John Deere tractor replica is an absolute visual delight.

This ride-on car comes equipped with numerous intelligent features, offering two speeds and a reverse option, a feature that many other cars lack. For enhanced safety, it includes an automatic braking system.

The large tractor wheels easily navigate through tall grass, dirt, or gravel, allowing your child to follow you around the garden. Plus, the spacious trailer is handy for carrying toys or small gardening tools.

Safety is a top priority, and the seat comes with adjustable seat belts and flip-up armrests on both sides. To complete the experience, an FM radio is integrated into the dashboard, making it a versatile and enjoyable choice for outdoor play in the garden.

8. Best Choice Products Ride-On: Best Pink Electric Car

Best Choice Products Ride-On

If your little one has a strong penchant for pink, then the Best Choice Products Ride-On car is the ideal choice. This one-seater car is designed for children aged 36 months to 7 years and comes with a host of eye-catching features.

The car includes front and roof LED lights, engine sounds, and even a real horn for added fun. It’s equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, allowing your child to play their own music through the car’s audio system.

In terms of safety features, this car doesn’t fall short. It comes with a remote control for parents, sturdy seat belts, and locking doors to ensure your child’s safety during playtime. Powered by a 12V battery, it offers two-speed levels and can reach a maximum speed of 3.7 mph. This pink electric car combines style, safety, and fun, making it an excellent choice for kids who love the color pink.

9. Ride-On Truck: Best Car for Garden Drives

Ride-On Truck

The Costzon Ride-On Truck is the ideal choice if you’re looking for a realistic Jeep-style ride-on car for your child. This vehicle offers both believability and artistic detail that can captivate your child’s imagination.

Equipped with a remote-controlled safety mode, three-speed settings, wear-resistant wheels, fully-functioning front and rear lights, and a spring suspension system, this ride-on truck ensures hours of safe and secure fun for your child.

With overall dimensions measuring 46.5”×31”×29”(L×W×H), this ride-on truck is recommended for children aged 3-7 years. It can reach a top speed of 3.7 mph and has a weight limit of 66 lbs, making it perfect for leisurely drives around your garden year-round. Its versatility and features make it the best choice for garden drives, providing your child with hours of outdoor fun.

10. Costzon Dune Racer: Best for Beach Driving

Costzon Dune Racer

For fast-paced fun and versatility, Costzon’s dune racer is the perfect choice. This rugged ride-on car is designed to conquer various terrains, whether wet, slick, rugged, or paved, making it a versatile option for beach driving and more. With a top speed of 2.5mph and spring suspensions to keep your kids comfortable and safe, it ensures hours of enjoyment. The car also features ambient lighting throughout, a music player, and a parent remote control, offering assistance when needed.

With dimensions measuring 56.5″ (L) x 36.2″ (W) x 33.5″ (H) and a maximum weight limit of 110 lbs, the Costzon Dune Racer is suitable for children aged 3 and above. If you seek a truly rugged ride, the child-sized Costzon Dune Racer is the way to go.

We are delighted to designate the Costzon Dune Racer as the best electric car for driving on the beach.

11. Maserati GranCabrio: Smoothest Ride

Maserati GranCabrio

The fun-sized Maserati GranCabrio promises the smoothest ride that a young child could wish for, courtesy of its EVA wheels and spring suspension. This attention to detail emulates the quality found in full-sized vehicles, ensuring a safe and seamless experience for your child behind the wheel of this mini-electric car.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. With a radio, built-in music and stories for your child to enjoy while driving, and preprogrammed horn and engine sounds, this car offers both the look and sounds of the real thing. Measuring 48.4” in length, 23.2” in width, and 20” in height (L×W×H), this vehicle is most suitable for children aged 2 to 5 years.

Boasting a maximum speed of 3 mph and a weight limit of 77 lbs, the Maserati GranCabrio for kids provides up to an hour of continuous drive time, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Thanks to its spring suspension, we declare the Maserati GranCabrio 12V Kids’ Car as the smoothest ride for toddlers to enjoy.

12. Mercedes-Benz 300SL: Best First Electric Car

Mercedes-Benz 300SL

If you’re in search of an easy first ride-on car for your child to get used to driving, especially for younger children, the Mercedes-Benz 300SL is the perfect choice. It not only boasts an attractive appearance but is also easy to control, with a top speed of just 1.86 mph and a remote control that gives you full command over the car. For very young children, you can allow them to sit in this one-seater while taking control of the vehicle with the remote.

With dimensions of 43.5″ in length, 21.5″ in width, and 18″ in height and a weight limit of 44 lbs, this model is designed with very young children in mind, typically aged one to three years.

13. Tesla Cyber Truck: Best for General Outdoor Use

Tesla Cyber Truck

With dual powerful 35W motors and a top speed of 3.1 mph, this stunning Tesla Cyber Truck is our top choice for a ride-on car that allows kids to drive in style. This single-seater is suitable for children weighing up to 80 lbs, generally falling within the 3 to 5-year-old age range.

The Tesla Cyber Truck ride-on car stands out with its spacious interior, offering 14” of inside space, surpassing the usual 11” found in other electric cars for kids. The car comes equipped with a parent remote control and a music player as well.

14. TOBBI: Best Kids’ Electric Police Car


If your child looks up to policemen and other public service heroes, this fully functional, small police truck will enable them to emulate their role models to their heart’s content. This mini cop car features a real megaphone, working police lights and headlights, a horn, a rearview mirror, and MP3 music input to help your children fully immerse themselves in the experience.

When it comes to safety, the TOBBI children’s electric car offers a roomy seating area with a seat belt and a seat backrest. A parent remote control is also included for emergency situations. This ride-on car is suitable for both outdoor and indoor use and is also available in firetruck or British police car variations.

15. Broage Racer: Best for Indoor Use

Broage Racer

Inclement weather outside? No worries! With the Broage Racer, your child can have all the fun indoors. This ride-on toy can spin a full 360 degrees with its joystick, and parents can also get in on the action thanks to the included remote control. The electric car is equipped with soft bumpers, ensuring there’s no risk to your child or your furniture. Additionally, it makes for a fantastic bumper car if you get another one for a sibling or a friend.

The Broage Racer comes in a wide range of colors, including pink, blue, white, and yellow. It features a 6V electric motor, limiting the maximum speed to 0.75 mph. Safety features include a seatbelt, anti-flat tires, and LED lights on the side and back of the car. Given its compact size and battery capacity, we crown the Broage Racer Electric Ride-On Bumper as the best electric car for indoor use.

When searching for the best electric cars for kids, safety, entertainment, and functionality are top priorities.

Here’s a comprehensive buying guide to help you make an informed choice:

1. Safety: Safety is paramount. Look for electric cars that include spring suspensions for a smooth and secure ride. Ensure the car has a reliable and efficient braking system. Even though these cars don’t go very fast (usually 3-5 mph), seat belts are an essential safety feature to protect your child.

2. Remote Control: Most electric cars for kids can be driven by children in the car or remotely controlled by parents. A good remote control system is crucial, allowing parents to take control when necessary. Test this feature before your child starts driving.

3. Speed: Electric cars for kids typically have a speed range of 3-5 mph. While this may seem slow, it’s sufficient for a fun experience. Nevertheless, always supervise your child when they’re driving and ensure they stay alert.

4. Battery: Most kids’ electric cars use a 12V rechargeable battery. Depending on the weight the car carries and how often it’s used, this battery should provide 1-2 hours of driving time. Make sure the car comes with all the necessary equipment for a full recharge.

5. Design: These cars come in various designs, mimicking real-world vehicles. Consider choosing a model that reflects your child’s interests, whether it’s a sports car, truck, or a specific brand like Mercedes or Maserati. It’s also a great opportunity to teach them about high-quality cars.

6. Extra Features: Some electric cars for kids come with additional features like MP3 or Bluetooth connectivity, working turn signals, and retractable windows. While not essential for functionality, these features enhance the experience and make the car feel more realistic and entertaining.

When selecting an electric car for your child, prioritize their safety, choose a design that they’ll love, and consider any extra features that will add to the enjoyment. With the right electric car, your child can have hours of fun while learning important driving skills and safety.

Electric cars for kids can be a wonderful and educational addition to a child’s playtime.

Here are some reasons why electric cars are good for kids:

1. Fun and Enjoyment: Kids love the thrill of driving their electric cars, and it provides them with a sense of excitement and adventure.

2. Educational: Electric cars can serve as educational tools. They help kids practice and develop various skills, including balance, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills. Driving these cars helps them understand the cause and effect of steering, and even teaches basic concepts like left and right.

3. Cognitive Development: Driving in a safe and familiar environment with parental supervision can contribute to cognitive development. Kids learn to navigate and make decisions, which can enhance their early cognitive functions.

4. Autonomy and Responsibility: Owning an electric car can teach children about responsibility. They learn to take care of their vehicle, charge the battery, and maintain the car. It’s a valuable lesson in taking ownership of their possessions.

5. Road Safety Awareness: Using these cars can help introduce kids to the rules of the road and the importance of road safety. It’s an early opportunity to instill good habits and safety awareness.

6. 21st-Century Skills: Electric cars for kids can spark conversations about technology, electricity, and sustainability. It’s an opportunity to introduce children to twenty-first-century concepts and environmental responsibility.

However, it’s important to emphasize that safety is paramount. While electric cars for kids offer numerous benefits, they can pose safety risks if not used under proper supervision. Parents or responsible adults should always be present and ready to intervene using the included remote control if necessary. It’s crucial to choose a ride-on car that complies with safety standards and requirements set by governing entities like the Consumer Product Safety Commission or ASTM International to ensure the well-being of your child while enjoying their electric car.

Frequently asked questions about electric cars for kids

Here are answers to your questions:

1. What age are ride-on cars for? Ride-on cars are generally designed for children between the ages of 1 and 9. However, the specific age range recommended for a particular ride-on car may vary depending on the model and its features.

2. Are there any safety features on electric cars for kids? Yes, electric cars for kids often come with safety features to ensure the well-being of children. Common safety features include seat belts, spring suspension systems for a smooth ride, and parent remote control systems that allow adults to take control of the vehicle if needed.

3. How much is a kid’s car? The price of a kid’s electric car can vary widely based on factors such as brand, quality, and features. On average, you can expect to pay anywhere between $100 to $300 for a kid’s electric car.

4. What age are battery-powered cars for? Battery-powered cars are typically designed for children between the ages of 1 and 9. However, the specific age range can vary depending on the specific model, as some cars may have weight restrictions or safety features that influence the recommended age range.

5. What is the best power wheels for a 5-year-old? A great choice for a 5-year-old is the Power Wheels Dune Racer. It’s suitable for various terrains and provides a fun driving experience.

6. Can kids drive an electric car on their own? Kids should not drive electric cars on their own, as they require adult supervision. Most electric cars for kids come with remote control systems that allow parents to step in and steer or apply the brakes when necessary for added safety.

7. Can kids drive electric cars inside the house? Children can drive electric cars inside the house if there is sufficient room and proper safety precautions are taken. It’s important to ensure that the space is clear of obstacles, and extra care should be taken near stairs or fragile objects to prevent accidents.

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