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Porsche Logo Meaning and History

Porsche has been building upscale luxury and sports cars for over 80 years. The company was founded in 1931 by an engineer Ferdinand Porsche. First it was an Austrian company, but shortly after it moved to Stuttgart (Germany), where it is headquartered now. During its first years Porsche did not make any autos under its own brand, but just developed motor vehicles for other companies (Volkswagen Beetle is one of such projects).

In 1945 the company’s founder was arrested but his son Ferry steered the automaker through this difficult period. It was Ferry who developed a prototype for model 356 and the first sketch of Porsche logo that was to appear on that car.

Porsche logo

We even know the exact date when this symbol was invented (April 25, 1952), as well as the place and circumstances. According to a corporate legend, Ferry was having luncheon in a restaurant in New York with his business partner Max Hoffman (he played an important part in Porsche history, as he was responsible for importing its cars into the US). Hoffman even took part in creating this sketch. One more peculiar fact: this draft was made on the spur of the moment, without any tools, and instead of paper Ferry just used a serviette from his table.

Porsche logo history

One more legend tells, that Hoffman penned the logo himself. Other sources mention, that there were several more drafts, one of them made by engineer Franz Xaver Reimspieb. Reportedly, Reimspieb refined Ferry’s sketch.

Porsche logo history has a number of dark places, but at least we know for sure, that unlike many other automakers that developed a distinctive emblem from the start, Porsche logo appeared more than 20 years after the company was registered.

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Porsche symbol


The first car to have Porsche symbol was 356 Pre-A. The badge appeared in the center of its steering wheel. It happened in late 1952 – only several months after the first draft had been created. In two years it was installed into the front bonnet handle, and starting from 1958 owners of 356 A could optionally add Porsche badge to their auto.

You may be surprised by this timeline, if you’ve happened to see 356 №1. This car was released years before Porsche crest, but still bears this badge. In fact, it did not have an emblem: it is nothing but a later addition.

Logo description

Logo Description

There are three main elements:

  • black rampant horse taken from coat of arms of Stuttgart (town where this company is based);
  • antlers, as well as red and black bars taken from coat of arms of Württemberg (region to which Stuttgart belongs);
  • family name.

Basic colors are maroon (or claret) and black. These were the colors used for Porsche’s first driver’s hand-books and service manuals, so it is just logical that they were also chosen for its logo. Also, there is a lot of golden color.

Porsche Emblem

Porsche emblem

Although Porsche crest basically stayed the same there still were a number of changes over time. Company’s logo for 356 and early 911 models have distinctive red/orange color. Word “Porsche” uses extended lettering, while letters in “Stuttgart” are raised and appear on a recessed background. Looking at the horse you can notice a full tail and a distinct shoulder joint.


Emblem for 911 (1974–1994) uses bright translucent red and more gold color. Letters in “Stuttgart” are raised, horse has a full tail. For the following four years logo for 911 was made with letters in black, while letters in “Stuttgart” were recessed. The horse looked slenderer.

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Porsche 911 logo


The custom font used for the Porsche 911 logo emphasizes the idea of speed. The 2-door, 2+2 high performance sports car range is one of the oldest and most popular Porsche’s lineups. According to the company, there are over 150 thousands of the 911 cars manufactured from 1964 to 1989 still on the road today. Interestingly enough, one of the models, the 911 Carrera Club Sport, had no rear lid “Carrera” logo, because Porsche designers wanted to get rid of as much weight as possible.

Porsche Cayenne logo


The mid-size luxury crossover SUV has a silvery badge consisting of the word “Cayenne” written in a custom font. Every letter looks smooth and well-rounded. The first car with the Porsche Cayenne logo was manufactured in 2002. In 2010 the second generation was launched. In spite of the fact, that this vehicle has the same platform and body frame as the Volkswagen Touareg, it is very different, because tuning, design, and production are done by Porsche.

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