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Peugeot lion logo

Founded 1896
Founder Armand Peugeot
Headquarters Paris, France
Parent Groupe PSA
Slogan “Motion & Emotion”
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Meaning and History

The beginning of the Peugeot concern is the year 1812. For several decades the concern manufactured steel production, then the bicycles, the first car rolled off the production line in 1889.

The Peugeot logo originated from a heraldry sign and was developed for Peugeot by a jeweler and engraver Justin Blazer, on a foundation of the province flag, where originally the Peugeot plant had been located. In different periods, a lion was depicted on the logo; it was shown completely or just its head.

Peugeot Logo History

In 1927, the lion turned to the right, which meant a break with the norms of heraldry, and it acquired lines of a live lion figure, but not of the heraldry symbol. However, later the logo returned to the coat of arms style. In 1950, the lion acquired obviously aggressive features – it reared up, the jaws opened. In this form, the logo remains now.

Peugeot logo

peugeot logo 1960

peugeot logo 1980

Symbol Description

Peugeot Symbol Description

The new brand Peugeot depiction– the three-dimensional renewed Lion without a protruding tongue – gives some dynamism to the symbol. First, it appeared on the bonnet of the model Peugeot RCZ in 2010.


Peugeot Color Logo

It is interesting that in the color solution Peugeot turned out imitative, this is a white and a blue one as in the case of Volkswagen, BMW, Ford, and Fiat. Apparently, this is the most popular combination of colors for car logos.


Peugeot Emblem

The current version of the Peugeot emblem has a custom typeface designed especially for the company by French type designer and graphic artist Christophe Badani.

At present, the PSA Peugeot Citroën Group concern is the most large-scale private enterprise in France and occupies the honorary second place in motor vehicle manufacturing in Europe.


The role of the make of an overall plan, which is aimed at quality and which is intended to fight in the armor and equally against Volkswagen is assigned to Peugeot. Of its 25 relevant models (cars not on the PSA platform and light commercial transport are excluded), only 13 will remain by 2022. Soon, the manager guillotine will “chop” off such now already morally obsolete cars as 107, 207 and 307, all coupe- cabriolets and big minivans. Each model that survives must be strong and very special. As many analysts believe, there is no place anymore for passing models, as a market’s serious challenge waits for each one.


The entirely new Peugeot cars will enter into production soon. New Peugeot models will be called Air Hybrid. This is a part of the program for the reduction of fuel consumption and bringing flow rate up to 2 liters of fuel for each 100 km of mileage. The task is to achieve this result by 2020 is set. However, not all new cars Peugeot will be fitted with engines of such fuel consumption at once.

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