Eagle Logo

eagle car logo

Predecessor American Motors
Successor Chrysler
Founded 1988
Defunct 1999
Headquarters Auburn Hills, Michigan, United States
Parent Chrysler Corporation (1988-1998)

Unlike other marques that belong to Chrysler (for instance, Dodge or Plymouth), the Eagle vehicles did not bear the Chrysler “pentastar” logo. Instead, they had a unique Eagle head logo.

Meaning and History


Cars under the Eagle car brand were made and sold by the Chrysler Corporation from 1988 to 1999. Not long before the first Eagle car rolled off the assembly line, the car maker’s designer team received a task: to create a logo that will clearly depict the bird after which the brand was named. The logo was to be minimalistic, yet impressive and somehow convey the ideas of speed and power. Several versions were created, and eventually, the company’s CEOs chose the one that is familiar to us now.


Eagle symbol car

Creators of the Eagle symbol decided to depict only the head of the bird. Unlike many other brands that utilize the image of wings as a symbol of speed, the Eagle car marque avoided this cliché. The characteristic crooked beak of the bird is half open, due to which the picture looks more dynamic.


Eagle car emblem

From the point of view of color choice, the emblem is really minimalistic. The outline of the eagle and the shield-like frame are silvery, while the letters and the inner parts of the picture are black.

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