Dodge Logo


Dodge Logo

Founded 1900
Founder John Francis Dodge
Horace Elgin Dodge
Headquarters Auburn Hills, Michigan, United States
Owner Fiat Chrysler Automobiles
Parent Chrysler
Slogan “Domestic. Not Domesticated”
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Meaning and History

Dodge Logo history

Dodge Division is the American car maker, which produces cars, including SUVs and minivans. Its headquarters is located in Highland Park, the suburb of Detroit, the state of Michigan.

It is a subsidiary of the Chrysler Company, which was founded in 1914 by brothers Dodge: Horatio and John under the name of Dodge Brothers. Eight years after the death of brothers, in 1928, the company belonged to the Chrysler Corporation.

There are two basic versions of the logo emerging, and they both are rather veracious: The first one is connected with the family blazon of the brothers John and Horace Dodge, or a flexural exhaust pipe of the first Dodge car reminded of the twisted horns of a mountain ram – it is not known for sure. But the fact is that the redhead of the ram with twisted horns identifies the American company cars even up to now. There is one more fact: the logo with an image of the ram had been once fixed on the Dodge trucks, but was then taken off. Then the Head of the Chrysler Corporation Lee Yakokka resolved to revive it. And the Canion & Erkhard agency resurrected “the ram’s theme” in the advertising slogan “The Dodge truck is aggressive as a ram” and the firm restored its image on trucks themselves, as well as in advertising publications.

1910 – 1914

Dodge Logo 1910

1914 – 1928

Dodge Logo 1914

Original Dodge logo was round with two interconnected triangles, a six-pointed star in the center. The initials DB were the center of the star, and the words “Dodge Brothers” were in the circumference of the rims of the mechanical automobile part.



1928 – 1955

Dodge Logo 1928

1955 – 1962

Dodge Logo 1955

1962 – 1968

Dodge Logo 1962

1964 – 1993

Dodge Logo 1964

1980 – 1993

Dodge Logo 1980

1994 – 2010

Dodge Logo 1994

2010 – now

Logo Dodge

Symbol Description

Dodge symbol images

In 1994, Dodges again restored the ram’s head on new transport vehicles (on haulage trucks) as an ornament. Gradually the ram heads began to appear on pickups and trucks. From 1996, this symbol was used on all vehicles, except Viper.

Dodge logoSince 2010, after the separation of the Ram brand, the ram head was removed off the new symbol of Dodge, and the word “DODGE” with 2 skew strips became the new the symbol.


Dodge Logo Colors

The silver tint signifies purity, dignity, sophistication, and greatness of Dodge, and the red one symbolizes enthusiasm, energy, intimacy, and excitement.


Dodge Emblem

The new corporate style of the emblem is the word “Dodge” and two oblique stripes. The Dodge emblem has a custom-made type of letters.

dodge ram symbol

There is a version that the year 2016 may be the last for the Dodge brand, as the cars of this brand are not going to be in the future model lineup of the group Fiat-Chrysler.

Dodge Ram logo

Dodge ram logo images

Dodge Challenger logo


Dodge has manufactured three different generations of automobiles under the name Challenger. So it was only natural that the Dodge Challenger logo has been modified more than once in the course of time. For decades, the cars from the range bore a script “handwritten” logo. Also, there has been a plainer logotype featuring a minimalistic sans serif font.

Dodge Viper logo


The Dodge Viper logo has gone through not less than three modifications, becoming more and more aggressive. The original version, launched in 1992, was nicknamed Sneaky Pete. “Sneaky” seems the right word for the way the snake looks like. The second version (2003) was nicknamed “Fangs”, while the third one (2013) has been informally called “Stryker”.

Dodge Brothers logo


The original Dodge logo adopted in 1914 featured a six-pointed star created by two intertwined triangles. Inside the star, there was a “DB” monogram, which was explained in the text encircling the star. In fact, it has been the only company logo where the words “Dodge Brothers” were mentioned: the following badge (1932) did not contain them.

Dodge Charger logo


The Dodge Charger logo features a simple monolinear sans serif typeface. One of its distinctive features is a delicate balance of rounded and almost right angles. However, the earliest Charger badge looked completely different featuring a handwritten script wordmark.

Dodge Cummins logo


The most well-known product manufactured by the US corporation Cummins, Inc. is arguably the six-cylinder engine installed in the Dodge Ram pickups. The fact the vehicle is driven by this engine is emphasized by the Cummings logo installed on it, in addition to the regular Dodge logo: a bold letter “C” with the company name written across its upper part.

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