Wiesmann logo

Wiesmann logo

Founded 1988
Founder Martin Wiesmann
Friedhelm Wiesmann
Headquarters Dülmen, Germany
Official Site www.wiesmann.com
Official Facebook Page www.facebook.com/WIESMANNsportscars

The family brand Wiesmann existed from 1988 to 2014. The logo of this brand was distinguished by its elegance and exceptional sense of humor.

The main element of the logo was a lizard or, more correctly, a gecko. A feature of this reptile is the ability to move extremely quickly on any (even vertical) surfaces, “sticking” to them, and it is this ability of the gecko that has become a symbolic reflection of Wiesmann cars. The creators even said that Wiesmann cars “stick to the road”, and therefore perfectly manageable even at the highest speeds.

Wiesmann logo

Specific drawing on the body of the gecko and enhanced stylization turned the lizard into a real puzzle, and the visual power of the logo was reinforced many times. The originality of the main symbol can also be considered a business card of the company and its products, as well as the exceptional agility of the cars of this brand.

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