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Founded 1909
Founder Wilhelm Maybach
Headquarters Stuttgart, Germany
Owner Daimler AG
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Maybach is the name of a discontinued luxury automaker from Germany, which was established in 1909. The company specialized in upgrading Mercedes Benz cars, adding precision and chic to both the design and technical characteristics of the automobiles.

Meaning and History

Maybach (Germany) is the manufacturer of luxury Mercedes Benz vehicles. The factory has been around since 1909, and it greatly contributed to the country’s military industry during WWII years.

The Maybach logo features two “Ms”, which stands for Mercedes Motorenbau, and, according to Dr. Rex Curry, has a semblance of swastika. The symbol is enclosed in a triangular frame.

1909 – 1997

Maybach Logo 1909

The very first Maybach logo, designed in 1909, has stayed with the company for almost ninety years, which is pretty much a record for a car marque. It was a triangular medallion with the sides arched from the center, a solid dark gold triangle in the middle, and a thick white frame, outlined in gold. The central part of the badge was decorated with a calm green monogram with clean white outlines.

1997 – 2013

Logo Maybach

The redesign of 1997 removed a wide white frame of the Maybach badge, and made the logo three-dimensional, with the textured golden background and black voluminous lines of the monogram, in a glossy silver outline. The emblem was accompanied by a bold uppercase inscription in an extended modern sans-serif typeface, with the characters set in black and outlined in silver.
mercedes benz maybach logo


The bold and stable uppercase lettering from the Maybach primary badge, designed in 1997, is set in a modern and distinctive sans-serif font, which looks quite close to the famous Gill Sans Nova font. The letters are set at a significant distance from each other, which makes the inscription look even more stable and strong.


The color palette of the Maybach badge is composed of two metallic shades, gold and silver, and plain black for accents. Gold is here as a symbol of luxury and preciousness, while straight and clean black and silver lines on the logo stand for the professionalism, excellence, and experience of the legendary German automaker.

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