Goliath Logo

Goliath logo

Founded 1928
Founder Carl F. W. Borgward
Wilhelm Tecklenborg
Headquarters Bremen, Germany
Parent Borgward

Meaning and History

The Goliath brand existed in 1928-1961 in Germany. The cars of this brand were produced by Borgward, in parallel with Borgward, Hansa and Lloyd.

The Goliath logo is a rectangular structure in which a name with a strongly stylized first letter is located on the red background. To enhance the effect, the outline of the logo is also drawn with a white (silver) border. Thus, we can speak about several important symbolic factors at once. First of all, it is a kind of “roof”, “pommel” of the logo, which is represented not only by one element, but by two. The fact is that the letter G received two extensions, and both of them are turned into a kind of “strokes”, which emphasize the manufacturer’s desire for speed.

Goliath logo

Red color has quite clear heraldic and design sense, accentuating the activity of the company and its products, and even the aggressiveness of behavior in the market. Indeed, the brand launched on the market unique three-wheeled commercial vehicles with low power, but at the same time a minimal fuel consumption, which was especially important in post-war Europe.

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