Hansa logo

Hansa logo

Founded 1905
Headquarters Bremen, Germany
Official Site www.lloyd-motoren.de

Meaning and History

The Hansa brand has a very impressive history, because the first logo for Hansa-Automobil Gesellschaft m.b.H appeared in 1905. In 1914, the company, by merging with another car plant, significantly increased its production capacity, and changed its name to Hansa-Lloyd-Werke A.G.

The brand still existed even in 1929, after the company joined Carl FW Borgward.

Specialization of the brand is the production of trucks.

Interestingly, Hansa is the first German automotive brand to be awarded its own postage stamp. True, it does not depict the brand logo, but the car “with dreams of a great voyage.”

Hansa logo

The logo itself was originally a classic heraldic shield, divided into four segments, the color of which (red and white) was placed on the principle of a chessboard. The name of the brand was located in the center of the shield. Subsequently, the form of the logo was changed to a rhomboid one, but the content of the logo remained unchanged.

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