Isdera logo

Isdera logo

Founded 1969
Founder Eberhard Schulz
Headquarters Hildesheim, Germany
Official Site

History of the Isdera company started in 1969, when the tuning version of the racing GT40 under the name of Erator GTE appeared. And soon the Isdera logo already flaunted not only on tuned models, for example, Mercedes-Benz, but on the concept cars of the new brand. The brand was branded only in the late 1970s.

The symbol of the brand was the eagle, represented in accordance with the rules of heraldry, with a right turn. Yes, it is to the right – according to the heraldic notions, the evaluation of the right-left is given to those who hold the shield with the image, and not the spectator. Symbolism of this bird – speed and determination, and turning to the right – evidence of direction in the future. Moreover, the bird is depicted at the time of the attack, and competitors will have to try hard.

Isdera logo

As for the font used in the logo, it is amazing with its “roof”. Most designers prefer to strengthen the font base, but Isdera chose a fundamentally different option. And then to say, with the competitors of their niche the company has been successfully managing for more than half a century. And as for corporations… The Isdera logo shows that the company is ready to resist them too!

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