Hummer Logo

Hummer Lоgo

Founded 1992
Headquarters Detroit, Michigan, United States
Parent General Motors
Defunct 2010
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Meaning and History

Hummer Logo history

Hummer is a renowned brand of off-road and sports vehicles. Initially, Hummer specialized in military vehicles, which were known as Humvee.

In 1992, civilian versions were manufactured.

These vehicles could boast exceptional speed and versatility. Humvees are still used by the US military both inside the country and overseas.

The Hummer logo is uniformly simple. It is an ‘H’ written in black on a white background or vice versa. The General Motors has signed license agreements with many companies – manufacturers of bicycles, clothes, shoes, laptops, etc., to promote the brand by placing the Hummer logo on them.
hummer-h2-logoThe Hummer logo is iconic as it is simple. Usually, it is a black “H” on a white background or vice versa. This car logo is licensed to be used on many other products not related to automobile industry: jewelry, clothes, laptops, skateboards, etc. Hummer is renowned for its sports and off-road and military vehicles (Humvee), which are still used by the U. S. Army.

1992 – 2010

Hummer Logo 1992

2021 – now

Logo Hummer

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