Glas logo

Glas logo

The German manufacturer of cars and vans Glas existed in 1958-1969. The brand received its name from the name of Hans Glas, the owner of the enterprise. Simple and very effective, the company’s logo was originally formed in a monochrome, but soon enough acquired a color version.

The basis of the logo, emphasizing the desire for speed, was taken a stylized figure – a circle with wings. In the center of the circle was the first letter of the brand, inscribed in a circle, which in the later versions of the logo was surrounded by the full name of the brand – Glass Auto Mobile. “Wings” consist of four “feathers” each, and the company even emphasized what it considers to be its “wings” that can raise a brand over competitors – the desire to create an inexpensive, reliable, fast and attractive car.

Glas logo

Indeed, the company was able to attract and retain its customers as best as possible, because the first car under the Glas logo, received the nominal name – Goggomobil, and this is awarded to the unit.

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