Corvette logo

Chevrolet corvette logo

Manufacturer Chevrolet
Production 1953–Present
Model years C1: 1953–1962
C2: 1963–1967
C3: 1968–1982
C4: 1984–1996
C5: 1997–2004
C6: 2005–2013
C7: 2014–present
Owner General Motors
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Meaning and history

Robert Bartholomew created the first version of the Corvette logo shortly before the car itself was introduced in 1953. The Corvette symbol consisted of two crossing poles, with two flags (a checkered flag and the US flag).

Yet, less than a week before the car appeared at the GM Motorama auto show; it was actually changed as the company’s management found out that it was against the law to use the US flag. The restyled badge featured a fleur-de-lis, the white racing flag, and the company’s signature bow tie.

Corvette logo history
However, this was nothing but a temporary solution, and shortly before the car went into mass production, a new logo Corvette was introduced.

In the 1962 version, the “Chevrolet Corvette” inscription was gone, and the flags spread a bit out of their circular frame. The version introduced ten years later had no circle frame, while the flags spread apart even further.

Corvette car logo
In 1984 the circle was brought back, but the poles and the fleur-de-lis disappeared. In 1997, however, these two elements returned, while the circle transformed into an oval.

The sixth-generation symbol

Corvette symbol

One more version of the Corvette logo appeared in 2005, with the sixth generation of the car. The poles of the iconic flags were colored in the same colors as the flags themselves. The circular frame was removed once more.

The seventh-generation emblems

Corvette emblems

The C7, which was introduced at the beginning of 2013, underwent so many changes that the company claimed there were actually only two things taken from the previous version: the cabin air filter and the top latch. The Corvette emblems were also revised.

corvette badge

The new version looks more angular and swept. In this way the logo Corvette designers created reflects the changes introduced into the seventh-generation Corvette itself. One more reason for the change in proportions is that they also help to convey the idea of speed.

corvette flag logo

corvette racing logo

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