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Cadillac Logo Meaning and History

In the 1902, Cadillac owed its appearance to the engineer Henry Liland and the businessman William Murphy. The company received its name in honor of the ancestor of Henry – Le Sieur Antoine De La Mothe Cadillac – of the French administrator and military leader who founded Detroit in the 1701. The family crest of Cadillac became the base of the old Cadillac logo. It looked like a blazon framed by a wreath. In the 2014, the Cadillac company officially introduced the new logo. It lost laurel wreaths adorning the coat of arms.

The one-cylinder A model, which appeared at the exhibition in New York in the 1903, was the first car of the make Cadillac, but only the D model, which appeared in the1905, having already been fit with a 4 cylinders’ engine, earned real prominence of the company. The company also assembled the first in the history car with a fully closed bodywork of a coupe.

In the 1909, Cadillac was bought by Billy Durant, the founder of General Motors. But the control over the company was retained behind Liland. In the same year, the production of one more model Cadillac 30 began. It remained in production for 6 years. In the1912, the first in the world electric starter was installed on this car.

Cadillac logo

In the 1915, Cadillac 51 with the first in the world mass automotive production of 8-cylinder engine of the V- like form, appeared in the line of company`s cars. Its later model created in the 1949 established a standard for all the American automobile industry.

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From the very beginning of its existence, the Cadillac company considered making its cars as symbols of luxury, elegance, but at the same time they had to be reliable and technological.

Cadillac LaSalle is the 1927 model. It was the first work of Harley Earl’s GM, which founded an art-designer section. The radiator grille, which is a hallmark of Cadillac cars, appeared exactly at it.

Cadillac 60 Special, produced in the 1938, showed presentable appearance and for the first time was among the models of the make focused on pleasure from driving.

Cadillac logo history

In the model of Cadillac DeVille, which was made in the 1948, there were a lot of new design elements such as fins, the panoramic windscreen, pile of chrome and stainless steel outside, as well as inside the car.

Cadillac Eldorado Brougham, the model of the1953, became the first completely new executive car since times of the war. It became an embodiment of an «airplane» style so popular in America of the 50s.

In the 1967, Cadillac Eldorado appeared – the first front wheel drive car of American production.

Cadillac Seville, the model of the 1975, was the first relatively compact Cadillac of a European level.

Cadillac CTS is a model being produced since the 2002. The hatchback possessed completely new design, to which now all the modern models of the company adhere.

Cadillac Symbol

Cadillac Symbol

The updated symbol of Cadillac without laurel wreaths displays new language of cars` design. They grew shorter, longer and more aerodynamic. The purpose of this update of the symbol is a demonstration of simultaneous evolution of the make Cadillac and of its core values.

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Discontent of customers became one of the key reasons of the design change of the symbol. At surveys, a large part of potential buyers expressed negativity towards the design of the previous variant of symbol, in the feature of laurel wreaths. The updated symbol was for the first time shown to the public on the concept of Elmiraj in the 2013.

Сadillac Emblem

Сadillac Emblem

In 111-year history, the Cadillac emblem was changed around 40 times. Laurel wreaths on it appeared in the 1980s. The new emblem appeared on series models of the make in the second half the 2014.  The coupe ATS and the sedan CTS received it first.

Today, the main production facilities, which manufacture cars Cadillac under the auspices of General Motors are in the USA, but branches of the company, including producing Cadillacs can be found in all the leading countries of the world.

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