AWZ logo

AWZ logo

The AWZ brand actually counts its history from 1945, when the car factory of the city of Zwickau, formerly owned by Auto Union, was nationalized by the GDR and named Auto-Werke Zwickau. The legendary Trabant car was originally called the AWZ P70.

The logo of the new enterprise was composed of the first letters stylized in such a way that a single structure was obtained, and the letters A and W actually turned into a single whole resting on the foundation of Z. The design was placed in an uneven curve, somewhat resembling a bunch of grapes. Thus, the creators of the new logo, abandoning the principles of heraldry, tried to fill the image with a kind of cultural symbolism. The grape cluster, in spite of the obvious association with the alcoholic beverage, means economic prosperity and a cloudless future.

AWZ logo

Between the central image, encased in a stylized “grape cluster” and the edge of the logo – two more “protective” circle. The key colors are black and silver.

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