Horch Logo

Horch Logo

Founded 1904
Founder August Horch
Headquarters Zwickau, Saxony, Germany
Fate Merged with DKW, Wanderer and Audi to form Auto Union
Defunct 1932

Meaning and History

Horch Logo history

The brand was created in 1904 by August Horh, an entrepreneur from Zwickau (Saxony). Subsequently, in 1932, the brand became one of the components of Auto Union – this logo was one of four, contained in Audi rings in the first version of the new logo.

It is interesting that Horch from German translates as the call “Listen!”. Similarly, but the Latin name for “Audi” is also translated from Latin.

The Horch logo was formed from the foundation – the capital letter of the surname of its creator – and the classic heraldic top, “crown”. As a pommel in the light version of the logo, the name of the brand was used, in a sophisticated, ceremonial-decorative variant – in addition, either a crown or 7 stars were placed above the font.

Horch logo

The logo was presented in a monochrome black and white decision, which is typical for most logos of the early twentieth century. And in order to make the visual image more light and decorative, even in the most minimalistic reading, each element was geometric, which allowed to give even a planar design volume.

1899 – 1932

Horch Logo 1899

1932 – 1940

Logo Horch

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