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Aston Martin Logo Meaning and History

Aston Martin Ltd. is an English prestigious sports cars manufacturer. The Aston Martin company was founded in the 1913 by Lionel Martin and Robert Bamford. The headquarters of the make are located in Gaydon, Warwickshire. The company name originates from the name of the Aston-Clinton hill, where one of the creators Lionel Martin won the victory in Singer-10 in the 1913.


The first emblem of the make Aston Martin appeared in the 1920 and represented the intertwined capitals of the company name “А” and “М”.


The following variant of the logo was developed in the 1927. Then there were the famous wings of the company borrowed, by the way, from Bentley and intended to symbolize speed.

A year later, wings were stylized in accordance with fashionable trends of that time.


In the 1947, the name of the new owner David Brown, who brought the new epoch to Aston Martin, was added to the logo. There was the new design of cars, the new Lagonda super engines, the new victories in Le Mans and the new name on the emblem.

In several last decades the company changed hands more than once. The name of David Brown disappeared off the logo.

Aston Martin logo description


The modern emblem of the make is rather neutral: there are traditional wings and the name Aston Martin. The actual variant of Aston Martin logo is represented by a green rectangle on top of the white wings with the company’s name in capital letters.

Aston Martin logo colors


Aston Martin logo contains three tints: black, green and white. These colors mean special features of the make, as the style, goodwill, specialness, originality, excellence and eco- friendly type of the company.

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Aston Martin symbol: the latest changes


As you can see from the pictures above, several major adjustments were introduced to the design of the logo over the years. Each era brought its own designer concepts, which were reflected in the emblem. The most recent changes were introduced to the Aston Martin symbol in 2003. They coincided with the launch of the company’s new global headquarters in Gaydon (Warwickshire, England).

Aston Martin emblem in Bondiana


In 1964 the DB5 became James Bond’s car, and the Aston Martin emblem appeared in the ‘Goldfinger’ movie. The relationship lasted through eleven Bond films, or, in other words, for almost half a century. By the way, in the book version James Bond used the DB MARK III car, but the producers of the ‘Goldfinger’ decided to replace it with Aston Martin’s latest model, the DB5.

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