Melkus logo

Melkus logo

Founded 1959
Founder Heinz Melkus
Headquarters Germany

Meaning and History

A small manufacturer of racing cars from Germany, Melkus is well known in the world of racing, at least in Europe. The Melkus logo was designed at the same time when the work on the construction of the first concept began.

The international heraldic form of a triangular shield enclosed in a circle was taken as a foundation. The symbolic value of a shield of a triangular shape relates to militancy. As a rule, such shields were chosen for by knights themselves, set off on long voyages, where too large a shield was an unacceptable luxury. The modern interpretation of this form in the brand logo is the desire overcome the speeds and distances the best possible way.

The appearance on the shield of a stylized monochrome image of a racing car is rather an exception to the strict heraldic structure. However, it should be noted that the thickness of the lines of the image and font, which bear the name of the brand, are harmonious.

Melkus logo

The color solution of the logo also has a symbolic interpretation. The silvery color of the shield itself is a reputation and aspiration for technological breakthroughs, and blue is the ambition to rise to the very top in its business.

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