McLaren logo


From the very inception McLaren Automotive of Great Britain focused on speed and high quality. In the 1960s, McLaren came up with what was the world’s fastest vehicle at the moment. The McLaren logo has gone through a lengthy and vivid evolution. Its present-day version features a red speed-mark, which has been modified several times, and the word-mark, which comes in different colors depending on the background.

One of the most recognizable car emblems, McLaren logo has had a very successful racing history.

Logo meaning and history

The original McLaren emblem was created in 1964 by Michael Turner, a UK illustrator who specializes in motoring and aviation paintings. It featured a Kiwi, which is the symbol of Bruce McLaren’s motherland, New Zealand.

Three years later Michael Turner developed a ‘Speedy Kiwi’ version. The shade it used is sometimes called ‘McLaren Orange’.

McLaren emblem: 1981-1996

In 1981 Raymond Loewy designed yet another McLaren logo. The international emblem looks like a chequered flag. In the 1991 logo the three chevrons became one. In addition to this, the McLaren manufacturer decided to update the font, making it more refined.

McLaren symbol 1997- 2017

In 1997 the symbol was heavily modified. The new version, which was introduced in 1997, comprised a streamlined speedmark. According to the company’s designers, its outline looks very much like the vortices created by the rear wing of McLaren cars. To make the image more energetic, the designers decided to use a white inscription on a black background.

In 2003 a revamped logo appeared. The iconic speedmark remained the center of the image.


Where is McLaren made

As a rule, McLaren Automotive makes its vehicles in-house at designated production facilities. The McLaren Technology Centre (opened in 2004) and the McLaren Production Centre (founded in 2011) are situated in Woking, England. There is a subterranean walkway between the two facilities.

Who makes McLaren

McLaren Automotive is a UK car manufacturer. It designs and makes sports and luxury vehicles. Also, McLaren Group owns a Formula One racing team. The team was created in 1963 by Bruce McLaren. In 2013 the team claimed that its cars would use Honda engines from 2015, replacing Mercedes-Benz.

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