Hartge Logo

Hartge logo


Founded 1971
Founder Herbert Hartge
Headquarters Merzig, Germany
Official Site hartge.de

Meaning and History

German car manufacturer Hartge “grew” in the present production from a small tuning studio. Atelier began its work in 1971, but only in 1985 the company acquired its own logo. By the way, he has not changed since then.

The main branded color Hartge, used in the logo, was “silver”. It is in this color that the central part of the logo is solved – the name of the brand. To create an additional volume, designers also use a gradient, but this applies to printing, not the actual logo placed on cars.

Hartge logo

The symbolic meaning of the silver element (especially the central one) is easily read by the connoisseurs of heraldry (it was the foundation of the modern science of visual implementations of brands, logos). Silver is a symbol of an unblemished reputation, a “bright history”, with a history of success.

It is interesting that the italics chosen for writing the brand name are also sustained in heraldic traditions. The fact that the turn to the right, characteristic for heraldry, symbolizes the direction in the future. But at the same time – taking into account past traditions. Thus, the italics are filled with quite classical symbolism.

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