DKW logo

The DKW logo corresponds to the basic rules of heraldry, although it is a very stylized figure: the basis was a classic European “shield” with a sharp base. The only thing in which the creators of the logo allowed themselves freedom is the exit of the main figure outside the shield. Such a figure was a pointed triangle, on which the abbreviation of the brand itself was placed. The triangle is placed at an acute angle downward, and its upper part, usually the base, rises above the base.

DKW logo

Interestingly, the modern Audi logo began with the merger of four large enterprises – Audi, DKW, Horch and Wanderer. This led to the emergence of a new concern, Audiwerke GmbH, whose logo was four rings, in which the logos of the merged brands were entered. Initially, the rings were composed as if by a chain, but subsequently, in order to facilitate the logo, the contents of the rings were removed, and they themselves seemed to be woven together.

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