Holden Logo

Holden Logo

Founded 1856
Founder James Alexander Holden (original firm)
Edward Holden (automobile division)
Headquarters Port Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Parent General Motors
Slogan “Let’s Go There”
Official Site www.holden.com.au

While the Holden logo has been updated more than five times, it has always been based on one and the same symbol – a lion holding a stone.

Company overview

Holden Logo history

Holden is known among the largest Australian automobile importers. Earlier, it used to manufacture automobiles. The company headquartered in Port Melbourne, Victoria, was founded in 1856 as General Motors-Holden.

What does the lion holding a stone mean?


Some sources mention that the stone is a symbol of the steering wheel or it’s not exactly a stone but rather a steering wheel. Here’s the explanation the company gives: the logo alludes to the ancient legend telling that the wheel was invented by a person observing lions rolling stones.

The lion holding a stone could be seen on the earliest Holden logo introduced in 1928. Back then, the design was pretty raw. In comparison with the current lion, its predecessor lacked elegance, grace, and attractive proportions. However, the creature’s noble character was represented pretty well by its upright posture. Above the lion, the lettering “Holden” in a sans serif all-cap type could be seen. The design was placed inside a black ellipse. The original emblem was black and white.

In 1969, the lion was tweaked. The angular, rough mane adopted a more elegant curvy outline. The hair on the paws and the tail gave the animal a more realistic look. And yet, the ends of the paws themselves looked a bit unprofessional – as if the designer had got bored and decided to drop the design as it was and switch to something more interesting.

We should point out that between the original and the 1969 logos, the company used two different logotypes. Both of them were rather cluttered and didn’t feature the lion as the most prominent element.

Holden Logo

The next update took place in 1994. The logo, which was designed by Richard Ferlazzo, adopted a circular shape, while the lion itself was thoroughly tweaked. The paws now looked more natural, the mane seemed to be moving, which added some dynamism. The word “Holden” in a sleek modern type was positioned below. While the emblem was white on the red background, the lettering was black.

We should also mention the 3D version with the slogan, which was used in 2014-2016. Here, the lion got some depth due to the artistic use of the gradient effect. The typography in this version was different – the letters in the word “Holden” were bolder, heavier, with straight angles. Even the motto “Let’s go there,” which was italicized, looked heavier than the text on the flat version.

Eventually, in 2016, the moment came for a sleeker, more minimalistic badge. The new Holden logo dropped the red background in favor of the chrome finish. The type wasn’t that heavy anymore. It adopted a couple of unique details (note the ends of the bars on the “l” and “d,” for instance).

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