Swedish Motorcycles

Swedish Motorcycles

Swedish Motorcycle industry is synonymous with the main country’s brand, Husqvarna, which was established in 1689, being one of the world’s pioneers in the production of bikes, with the first model released in 1903.


Logo Husqvarna

Founded: 1903
Headquarters: Mattighofen, Austria
Parent: KTM AG
Website: husqvarna-motorcycles.com

A Swedish brand with a century-old history, Husqvarna has more than 49 world titles for wins in  Enduro and Cross Motorsport disciplines. The company, which traces its history back to 1689, made its first motorcycle in 1903. The typical design of the time was a single-cylinder four-stroke FN engine and direct belt drive of the rear wheel. Later NSU engines were also used, but the most popular was the Moto-Rev two-cylinder lower-valve V-shaped power unit.

The First World War led to a cessation of supplies, and since 1916 Husqvarna company set up its own production of similar engines. Production of two-cylinder models continued into the 1920s, but by the end of the decade, it had dried up.

In 1930, Husqvarna launched the 50 models with a single-cylinder overhead valve motor. In 1934, Swedish bikes made their first appearance at the start of the Tourist Trophy: the legendary Irishman Stanley Woods drove the 500 CC version, with the 350 CC version driven by Englishman Ernie Nott. Nott finished third, while Woods had the best lap time and was in second place when he ran out of fuel shortly before the finish.

And until today the company is known for its high quality as perfect technical characteristics. In 2007 the Swedish brand was acquired by BMW Motorrad Group, one of the most reputable European motorcycle manufacturers.


Logo Husaberg

Founded: 1988
Ceased operations: 2014
Headquarters: Mattighofen, Austria
Parent organization: KTM
Website: www.husqvarna-motorcycles.com

The Swedish brand Husaberg was founded in 1988. The first draft models were designed in a small wooden barn on the shores of Lake Wettern near the town of Husabergs Udde, from which the company’s name is derived. It specializes in the assembly of off-road vehicles – cross, supermoto, and enduro, with an emphasis on the strength of their design and the introduction of new technologies in production.

The first Husaberg motorcycles took part in the European Enduro Championship just a year after the company was founded. In 1989 they created serious competition with the world-famous manufacturers of motorcycles of this class. By taking a leading position, they became known around the world. In 1991 riders Kent Karlsson and Jaroslav Katrinnak became world champions in races motorcycle enduro class, after which the motorcycle products of the company were recognized as one of the best. In the same year, the production facilities of the company were transferred to a full-fledged motorcycle factory Endurovagen, which continues to assemble high-quality sport off-road bikes.

In 1995, Husaberg became a subsidiary of the Austrian manufacturer KTM, retaining its main divisions in Sweden.

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