Multicar logo

Multicar logo

Founded 1956
Founder Artur Adé
Headquarters Waltershausen
Official Site

Originally, the Multicar logo was created for the company of the same name, whose production was in Walterhausen. However, even after the disappearance of the company, the brand (and logo) continued to exist as a property of Hako GmbH.

To date, this is the only brand that has survived on the territory of the former GDR.

The logo was designed in one- and two-color versions. The one-color variant was intended for placement on the cars themselves (the brand specialized in the production of trucks, commercial vehicles and buses), two-color (blue with orange or yellow) for promotional products.

Multicar logo

The blue color in the logo appeals to the sky and, as a consequence, symbolizes the development of technologies, including security technologies. Yellow or orange, used as the “foundation”, “foundation” for the logo, in turn, according to the heraldic canons, is a symbol of prosperity, well-being, and, as a consequence, the authoritative position of the enterprise in the market.

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