Apal logo

Apal logo

Founded 1961
Founder Edmond Pery
Headquarters Belgium

The German car brand Apal acquired its own logo in 1961, simultaneously with the opening of the automobile production.

Initially, the form of the logo was concentrated in the “mandatory” element – the circle. The name of the brand was taken as the basis of the logo. The title letter A, or rather, its cross, was continued and became the basis for other letters, and the whole figure was inscribed in a circle. However, later the company decided to abandon the circular form. In addition, the color elements also disappeared – the new logo became monochrome.

The brand is focused on a small niche, so the simplification of the logo was an acceptable solution – the brand was already known among potential consumers in Belgium and France. The updated logo was easier to use, it gained greater clarity. Now the brand is easily identifiable not only “at first sight”, but even, being seen by the “edge of the eye”.

Apal logo

Since 2006, new developments under the Apal brand on the market have stopped coming out. Now the company realizes its industrial potential only in the manufacture of spare parts and repair shops.

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