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Spain is Europe’s second largest car maker, while in the ranking  for world’s largest auto manufacturers it has achieved the eighth place.

Unlike the UK or France, who were among the pioneers in car making, Spain did not have a prominent auto industry until 1960s. In the second half of the 20th century car manufacturing was growing rapidly. Gradually, manufacturing cluster was formed, SEAT being the country’s automotive flagship. Currently it remains the main passenger car brand in Spain.

83% of the vehicles made in Spain are exported. Cars made by Spanish car brands are sold in more than 100 countries. There are over 15 auto plants within the country, while around 10 multinational brands build or assemble cars locally. Production of spare part has an annual turnover of 30,000 million euros, 60% belonging to exports. In 2013 auto production volumes reached 2.2 million cars.

Also, Spain is very successful in industrial vehicle manufacturing – it holds the first place in Europe in this niche.


Information: SEAT logo meaning

Founded: 1950

Among Spanish car brands, SEAT is the only one that can develop autos in-house and who has managed to conquer mass market. In 2015 it controlled a 7.45% market share.

The history of this company started in 1953, when SEAT 1400 was launched. This four-door sedan developed top speed of 120 km/h. During the following decade, almost 100,000 cars were made. As SEAT has been founded with Fiat assistance, its models launched in the 1960s were licensed by Fiat, and many of them resembled Fiat vehicles. In 2003 SEAT made its 14 millionth car.

Since SEAT was purchased by Volkswagen Group, it began a rapid resurgence. Today this company is renowned for its well-engineered vehicles, giving good value for money. Most of them are Volkswagen clones with appealing Latin exterior.

Minor car brands

GTA Motor


Founded: 1994
Parent company: GTA Motor Competición

GTA Motor is famous for its GTA Spano supercar designed and assembled in Valencia. The concept was revealed in 2008, the first car was made two years later.

Hurtan Desarrollos S.L.


Founded: 1991

Car maker located in Santa Fe manufactures three models: Hurtan Albaycín T2 (two-seater), Hurtan Albaycín T2+2 (four-seater), and Hurtan Grand Albaycín. It specializes in classic automobiles.

IFR Automotive


IFR Automotive’s first model is IFR Aspid supercar existing in two variants: Sport and Supersport. Experts note, that in spite of a relatively small engine it can achieve high acceleration.

Tauro Sport Auto


Founded: 2010

This auto maker is known for its luxury sports car Tauro V8. Its engine was developed by General Motors. Four models of this car are available: Coupe, Saeta, Portago, and Spider based on Kappa platform, also developed by General Motors. Most of them are sold in Europe, Russia, UAE, and China.

Avanced Design Tramontana


Founded: 1995

Cars manufactured by Avanced Design Tramontana were inspired by Formula 1. The company located in Costa Brava, Girona launched its Tramontana sports car at Geneva Motor Show 2005. It is far from being a mass production vehicle, as not more than 20 production units have been made.


Hispano-Suiza Logo

Founded: 1904
Founder: Emilio de la Cuadra, Marc Birkigt
Defunct: 1968

Hispano-Suiza is a renowned automotive manufacturer known for its rich heritage and commitment to luxury and performance. With a history dating back to 1904, the company has undergone several transformations and is currently owned by a group of Swiss and Spanish investors. Operating on a global scale, Hispano-Suiza has established its presence in various countries, including Spain and Switzerland. Combining craftsmanship, innovation, and cutting-edge technology, the company continues to create exquisite vehicles that epitomize elegance and engineering excellence.


Pegaso Logo

Founded: 1946
Headquarters: Barcelona, Spain
Defunct: 1994

Pegaso is an automotive manufacturer specializing in commercial vehicles and trucks. The company is owned by the Industrial Vehicles Corporation (IVECO), a subsidiary of CNH Industrial. With its headquarters in Madrid, Spain, Pegaso operates production facilities and assembly plants across the country. Known for its innovative designs and reliable performance, Pegaso vehicles are widely used in transportation, logistics, and various industries, making them a trusted choice for businesses in Spain and beyond.


Irizar Logo

Founded: 1889
Headquarters: Ormaiztegi, Spain

Irizar is a renowned automotive manufacturer specializing in the production of buses and coaches. The company, owned by the Irizar Group, has gained a strong reputation for its innovative designs and commitment to sustainability. With its headquarters in Ormaiztegi, Spain, Irizar operates globally, serving customers in over 90 countries. The company’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and dedicated workforce ensure the delivery of high-quality vehicles that meet the diverse needs of public transportation systems, private companies, and tour operators. Irizar’s continuous investment in research and development, coupled with its emphasis on customer satisfaction, has positioned it as a leading player in the global automotive industry.

Multinational car manufacturers

In addition to Spanish car brands, there are also several international auto makers manufacturing or assembling cars and trucks inside the country. Some of them are: Volkswagen Group, General Motors Europe, Nissan Motor Company Ltd, Daimler, Ford Motor Company, Renault, Opel, PSA. Not only do they serve the needs of Spanish market, but also export their products. No wonder automobile industry’s contribution to the total exports exceeds 15%.

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