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Morgan Logo

Founded 1910
Founder H.F.S. Morgan
Headquarters Malvern, England, United Kingdom
Owner Morgan Family (100%)
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Meaning and History

Morgan Logo history

1909 – 1980

Morgan Logo 1909

The original Morgan Motor Company logo, created in 1909, has stayed with the car marque for almost a century. It was a white and blue banner with the rounded element in the center and two enlarged elegant wings doling out of it to the sides. The white roundel was overlapped by a solid blue cross, with the white uppercase “Morgan” lettering written across the horizontal bar. The emblem was underlined by a full name of the brand, written in the uppercase of a modern sans-serif font, in blue.

1980 – 2008

Morgan Logo 1980

This version does not look much different from the earlier logo, but there were a few modifications. First of all the name was done in bold typeface. The spiral line did not have the line as closely spaced, which filled the round base and looked better with the widely spaced lines of the wings. The other modifications were quite unnoticeable.

2008 – 2020

Morgan Logo 2008

A more stylish and futuristic emblem was presented in 2008. The wing shape has changed and now featured a metallic silver. The spiral was replaced by silver and blue lines coming out of the center. The blue cross also had a highlight, which made it blend with the wings and the name of the brand stand out. The name, by the way, was now printed using thin, elegant lines just like in the original logo. Another update was the addition of the full name under the winged emblem. it was done in the same silver color using all uppercase letters without serifs.

2008 – 2020

Morgan Logo

The Morgan logo is a compass-like circle with a cross on the foreground, the company name written in white capitals on the horizontal bar, and wings at both sides.

The logo comes in white and different shades of blue, which symbolize freedom, purity, excellence, and optimism. Morgan Motor Company has been around since 1910, when it was founded by Stanley Morgan, Great Britain.

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