The most frequently replaced car parts

The most frequently replaced car parts

Having a car is rather a necessity and a key to freedom of movement. It helps to reach places relatively quickly and on time, without being dependent on public transport and other people. A car purchase is just a tiny part of a deal, as there is a long way into the future, which requires investments into new car parts.

As a rule, the auto details that will need replacement are the alternator, battery, air filter, brake pads, oil, tires, water pump, lights, timing belt, and spark plugs.

1. Alternator

An alternator is an integral component of every vehicle with a combustion engine. It turns chemical energy into electricity allowing you to charge the engine battery and other electrical details. As a rule, it wears out after five or six years of usage and is often taken as a reason for a car’s misperformance. It is important to do the testing before replacing it.

2. Battery

A battery – another vital part that makes your car ‘alive’. The average lifespan of a battery is three to five years, however, it can be influenced by climate, your driving style, and ‘lights-off’ mode. The moment your car takes longer to start, you need to consider the change of battery, as you can get stranded somewhere, and only jumper cables will help you out.

3. Air filters

Air filters – are made of paper and take the dust off the engine, helping it run smoothly and longer. This type of filter should be changed once a year or two, however, the regularity is defined locally, as dusty megapolises will cause a more frequent change than leafy quiet suburban areas. Typical signs of air filter replacement are strange engine noises, lowered fuel economy, and black flames with the smell of petrol out of the exhaust.

4. Cabin filters

Cabin, or pollen, filters clean the air which enters the cabin and maintain the quality of the climate control system. There is no fixed timing for changing it, everything depends on the time you spend on the road, the climate of a place, and the level of its pollution.

5. Brake pads

Do you hear a piercing cry when hitting the brakes? That is a very loud sign that you need to replace the brake pads. The more you use the brakes, the more worn out they become. Especially it relates to the citizens of megapolises with crazy urban traffic. Depending on the style of driving and the place of living, the brakes need replacement every three to five years.

6. Oil

Oil – its replacement is an absolute ‘must’, and it should be done once in three to six months. Oil is the main lubricator of the engine and the absorber of dust. If the car starts signaling about the change, it is your last chance to prevent damage to the car.

7. Tires

High-quality tires can last for 80 000 kilometers on good roads, which is around five to eight years of average driving. You need to have two different sets for summer and winter and remember to keep them inflated.

8. Lights

The lights are essential as they do all the ‘talking’ between the cars, especially at night. Headlights and turn signals are bound to function for 1000 hours, which is five to seven years of average driving. However, if your drive long nights, you may need to change them sooner.

9. Water pump

This pump circulates a coolant through the engine preventing it from overheating. There is a chance that it will last as long as the car, however, due to come accidents it may start leaking and need a replacement. The main signs of a troubled water pump are a coolant leak, engine overheating, water pump corrosion, steam from under the hood, and whining noises.

10. A timing belt

A timing belt is part of an engine, also called rubber toothed belt. It controls the camshafts in the engine opening and closing them at the right time. The symptoms of a bad belt functioning are typically a tickling noise coming from the engine, an oil leak near the motor, and the revs starting to act up.

The rubber belt needs a change once in eight years, however, if it is a chain, it will need no replacement.

11. Spark plugs

Spark plugs generate a spark that starts your engine. They need to be kept clean and intact for proper acceleration of the car and its smooth performance. The sparkplugs are supposed to work for 160 000 kilometers, yet, it is the first thing to check when there are problems with the car.

Car parts replacement is essential for its proper functioning. Depending on the make and model, the time of changes may differ, yet, it is worth testing the system regularly to avoid unexpected stops in the middle of nowhere at the most inappropriate time. The better you look after the car, the longer it will last.

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