How Viable Is Playing Casino Games In a Tesla When Parked?

How Viable Is Playing Casino Games In a Tesla When Parked


Okay, so before we begin, let us be crystal clear: we’re referring to when the car is parked and not actively driving around. Major distractions, even in gridlocked traffic, can result in taking your eye off the road and minor collisions, so playing games or watching movies on a screen is a huge no. The on-screen display in Tesla cars, especially the latest generations, is some of the most sophisticated technology ever seen in car interior design, and it can easily handle any type of online gaming, which includes casino gaming. Beyond the more conventional methods, such as exploring a map, planning the GPS on your route, or playing these games, a Tesla screen can do many things a television or mobile phone can do.

Online Gaming & Gambling In Your Tesla

Accessing a number of games from a Tesla is simple. In the same way that it’s possible to stream movies and TV shows, Tesla owners can use the display to access dozens of games. Once connected to the internet, playing casino games like blackjack and roulette is just as simple as connecting to a digital casino via your smartphone or iPad or playing on your PC at home.

Playing at an online casino for real money via your Tesla is another strong feature of a car that is continuing to send shockwaves around the world with its ingenuity and constant innovations in the world of automobile design. If a Tesla owner is parked up for a night, waiting to pick up a friend or waiting for the vehicle to finish charging, firing up a screen and exploring the entertainment on offer can potentially pass the time.

The Idea Of An Expansive Multimedia Car System

Under the leadership of South African billionaire Elon Musk, Tesla has become a powerhouse in the automotive industry. A series of radical, unique implementations and approaches to design and marketing have caused the company’s value and reputation to soar. Similar to how the mobile phone has extended far beyond the basic expectations of a device that you simply use to call people or send messages, the idea for Tesla was to bring the same mentality to the design of a vehicle.

It’s not a coincidence that Musk is now the world’s wealthiest individual, with an astonishing net worth that exceeds $200 billion. While Musk owns a string of other companies, Tesla is probably the most notable of them, and it is one that most people would attach to him despite his other endeavors in the social media and space travel industries.

Elon leaves no stone unturned when it comes to the Tesla design and doesn’t enjoy the idea of being boxed in by any perceived limitations. This dynamic approach has led to some worrying incidents involving the mechanics and self-driving mechanisms installed within some Tesla vehicles. While the world’s richest man has been keen to downplay these issues, these matters are more pressing. They will be taking up a lot more attention within the design team than any additional features to the already high-quality onboard entertainment and display systems.

Is Tesla Gaming The Next Step Up?

Although the novelty of being able to play a casino game in your Tesla might be fascinating for a few games or so, the practicality of sitting in your car and having a game of poker does bring up its own logistical challenges. Considering the price tag of Tesla vehicles, you’d expect them to have many key, unique features, such as the facility to play hundreds of games. So, while you can kill some time in a Tesla if needed, it’s also not the leading gaming route, especially as so much money goes into developing and designing brand-spanking and shiny new cutting-edge home video gaming consoles.


As key figures in the video gaming console industry mull over its direction, and the casino gaming industry also follows a similar strategy, any device that connects to the internet will be able to host gaming in some capacity. As we have shown today, Tesla has added their name to the long list of mobile (technically) devices you can use as a platform to play a game of roulette, blackjack, or poker.

However, whether you choose to do this is another question altogether. We’re probably not speaking out of turn when we say that few people will fire up their Tesla to play any type of game, be it casino or something like chess or 8-ball pool. While it might be something you do to pass the time occasionally, Tesla owners will rarely spend hours a day gaming like a seasoned gamer would using their PC, and for that reason, we would say that even though it is viable, it’s not an idea that is likely to take off. Still, it’s a cool feature.

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