Best Motorcycle Helmets

Motorcycle Helmet

For motorcycle riders, a helmet is a mandatory part of their clothing when riding. It can save your life in a possible accident. Statistically, in motorcycle accidents, only a third of them are the fault of the motorcyclist. This suggests that the situation is sometimes very difficult to control. So do not take unnecessary risks, and better trust your life to a motorcycle helmet.

Today the market offers the widest range of motorcycle helmets. Some of them are very popular, other models are approved by experts for their good technical characteristics. So how to choose reliable and durable protection for motorcycle enthusiasts?

Each model of motorcycle helmet has certain qualities and functions, according to its purpose. For example, sports helmets are made of composite, but this increases their cost. They have well-designed ventilation, but this leads to a higher noise level. Traveling long distances in such a helmet will be uncomfortable.

Best Motorcycle Helmets

An additional option in the form of a removable inner part is very convenient. It is also convenient when the mechanism by which the visor is changed is simple. Fog stickers on the visor are convenient, especially in rainy weather.

All these additional features greatly affect the cost of the helmet. Paying enough attention to the choice of helmet, you can choose a helmet that will satisfy your requirements and will be an acceptable price.

Here we have made up a list of the 10 motorcycle helmets available on the market today, which deserve your attention.


    A budget but safe helmet with an opening hatch on top, a sun-shield, and a nice touch finish. Among the main pros, there is plenty of room for ventilation, the built-in sunshade, and a very affordable price. Though there are also some disadvantages, such as poor noise absorption when accelerating to high speeds.


    The helmet with unique features. The manufacturer managed to reduce the weight thanks to using an innovative material for its shell.  The noise insulation of the helmet is excellent, allowing you to listen to music while riding. The only drawback of this motorcycle helmet is an inconveniently located tongue to raise the visor.

  5. O’Neal Sonus Strike
  6. O'Neal Sonus Strike

    Light and affordable motorcycle helmet with very good quality. Firstly, the product exceeds the safety standard. Secondly, the motorcyclist’s head feels comfortable thanks to the lining, which absorbs sweat. The pros also include a sturdy multigraph, with clear scratch protection. The visor can be adjusted in height, and magnetic buckles are used to secure the helmet.

  7. Shark Evo-One
  8. Shark Evo-One

    Shark produces one of the best helmets for motorcycles in the market. Evo-One from the French brand is the helmets which are highly valued for the design of the lower part. It retracts backward, not upwards. The helmet also has relatively lightweight and excellent aerodynamic characteristics.

  9. AGV Pista Gp R Agv Glossy Carbon
  10. AGV Pista Gp R Agv Glossy Carbon

    The AGV Pista Gp R Agv Glossy Carbon helmet was created with the active participation of Moto GP champion Valentino Rossi. This is a very stylish and comfortable helmet, with a shock load over the entire surface. Its protection characteristics are on top, along with the high quality of execution. The only con is the price, which is not low at all.


    Airoh Commander is a very attractive helmet, which was created with the implementation of the latest technologies. The helmet boasts not only a stylish shell but also a Bluetooth headset installed, a perfect ventilation system, and a too quality of the material. This lightweight helm has only one disadvantage — not very good for cold weather.

  13. GSB G-339 Black Matt
  14. GSB G-339 Black Matt

    This lightweight helmet is made of ABS plastic, which is strong enough, evenly distributing the air thanks to the rear extractors, with a pleasant touch of the inner trim. It has a visor with maximum visibility, doesn’t collect scratches, and doesn’t fog up. The only con of the model is the absence of chin protection.

  15. Icon Airframe Pro Construct
  16. Icon Airframe Pro Construct

    A helmet with a “strong” shell and good ventilation, which also looks powerful and brutal. The reliable structure is complemented by a comfortable modular trim and a quick-release visor with sturdy retention. Almost no disadvantages, except for the helmet being pretty pricey.

  17. Yemapai YM-823
  18. Yemapai YM-823

    A lightweight model with a bright design, chin protection, good streamlining, and a visor that does not collect dirt and dust. The one-piece shell and good aerodynamic characteristics are one of the YM-823 helmet advantages, while the reliability is not perfect.

  19. Shoei J-Cruise
  20. Shoei J-Cruise

    A very comfortable helmet 285) minimalist design. The shell is made of composite materials and is perfectly complemented by a built-it visit sun protection function. The only disadvantage of this model is its relatively high price, which, to be honest, is pretty reasonable for this quality.

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