Things to Keep Handy When Consulting a Car Accident Injury Attorney

Things to Keep Handy When Consulting a Car Accident Injury Attorney

Automobile accidents can be awful, resulting in severe injuries and property damage. According to recent data, Clare County experienced 1,005 car accidents in 2021 alone, leading to 217 injuries and five deaths. If you’re involved in a car accident, you should speak with an auto accident lawyer who can guide you through the legal procedure and ensure you receive a fair payout for your injuries and damages.

Finding reputable Clare auto accident lawyers with several years of experience helping clients in Clare and throughout Michigan is essential. They will know how to build a compelling case and negotiate with insurance firms to ensure clients get fair compensation. Here are some critical things to bring with you during your consultations with a car accident injury lawyer:

The Police Report

Getting a police report is one of the most important things to do following a car accident. The report comprises important details such as the location and time of the accident, the individuals involved, any citations or charges made, witness testimonies, and the officer’s view on liability.

While the insurance company will investigate and form its own opinion on fault, the police report remains essential evidence. Indeed, Michigan’s rules of evidence provide for several exceptions, such as public and business records exceptions, that allow certain types of hearsay evidence, including police reports, to be admissible in court.

So, visit or contact the police department that responded to the accident to obtain the police report and bring it with you when you consult an attorney. A qualified attorney can help you understand the nuances of Michigan’s rules of evidence and determine how the police report may be used in your case.

Medical Records

If you’ve been injured in a car accident, seeking medical attention as soon as possible is essential. Your medical records can help establish the extent of your injuries and your medical treatment. Make sure to bring any medical records related to the accident, including hospital records, doctor’s notes, and bills.

Insurance Information

Your insurance information is critical in a car accident case. Bring any insurance policies and information about the other party’s insurance coverage. Your attorney will use this information to determine who is liable for the accident and to negotiate with the insurance companies.

Photographs and Videos

Photographs and videos can provide valuable evidence in a car accident case. Take photos of the accident scene, including the damage to your vehicle, any visible injuries, and the surrounding area. If possible, take videos of the accident scene and any witnesses who may have seen what happened.

Witness Statements

It’s also important to obtain witness information, especially from third parties. These people may have heard or witnessed the accident and can offer an unbiased perspective and fill in information gaps. They may include pedestrians, cyclists, drivers, passengers in uninvolved vehicles, and people in nearby houses and businesses.

However, such witnesses may only hang around briefly after the accident, so obtaining their names and contact information is crucial before they disappear. These pieces of evidence may be admissible in court, subject to the Michigan rules of evidence allowing certain types of hearsay evidence, such as police reports and witness statements, to be admitted.


In Clare County, some of the most common types of car accidents include rear-ending collisions, side-impact collisions, and single-vehicle crashes. The most common injuries sustained in car accidents include whiplash, head injuries, and fractures.

Of course, settlements vary depending on the severity of the injuries and damages, among other things. Working with an attorney experienced in auto accident claims is essential to ensure you get the justice and compensation you deserve.

If you’ve been involved in a car accident in Clare County, don’t hesitate to contact experienced auto accident lawyers. They may offer free consultations and may not charge fees unless they win your case. Let them help you get the compensation you deserve and the justice you seek.

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