The Most Dangerous Intersections in Colorado Springs [Complete List]

The Most Dangerous Intersections in Colorado Springs [Complete List]

Some roadways are far more dangerous than others. In Colorado Springs, there are a few intersections that stand out as being perilous to navigate. You may not be able to avoid traveling through them, but you should proceed with caution and be aware.

According to the Colorado Springs Police Department, most of them intersect with I-25. Leading the way for accidents is West Cimarron Street, East Woodmen Road, and West Garden of the Gods Road.

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) also states that over half of all fatal crashes as well as those with major injuries, occur either at an intersection or near it. While the intersections listed above are the most dangerous in Colorado Springs, there are others with a greater potential of catastrophe for unaware drivers.

Here are other intersections to be mindful of when driving in Colorado Springs:

North Powers Blvd. and Stetson Hills Blvd.

In 2020, this intersection had 47 car accidents. That’s nearly one crash per week.

E. Fountain Blvd. and S. Academy Blvd.

Here’s another intersection that came close to having an annual average of one accident per week. With 40 crashes, drivers should be extra vigilant when traveling through this area.

Airport Rd. and S. Academy Blvd.

Area officials have dubbed the intersection of Airport Road and South Academy Boulevard as the third most crash-prone point in the city.

Austin Bluffs Pkwy. and N. Academy Blvd.

This intersection had 34 collisions in 2020. Even though that’s not one per week, it’s still a high number that city officials would like to be much lower.

E. Platte Ave. and N. Academy Blvd.

With only one crash less than the intersection of Austin Bluffs Parkway and North Academy Boulevard, this is on the list of dangerous intersections for Colorado Springs.

What Factors Make an Intersection More Dangerous Than Others?

Many people wonder why some intersections have so many more accidents while others only have a few. Sometimes, it is due to poor design. When city planners create intersections, they need to be cognizant of the dangers they may inadvertently create.

Some intersections have natural blind spots, which make it a game of chance when traveling through them. Others have a lack of signage or inadequate road signs to alert drivers.

When the layout is confusing, and drivers aren’t sure which way to go, that can also contribute to crashes. Additionally, if traffic lights malfunction, it can create far more hazardous circumstances.

While poor design plays a role, negligent drivers add to the danger. In motor vehicle accidents at intersections, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration lists 5 top reasons for crashes.


When a driver doesn’t take notice of their surroundings to safely maneuver their vehicle, they are being inattentive. At dangerous intersections in Colorado Springs, drivers must check all the different angles before proceeding along their intended route.

Poor Judgement

Drivers also cause crashes in intersections when they don’t properly judge what other drivers are doing on the road. Some will keep going even when uncertain if they have the right of way, failing to note the speed and direction of other vehicles. Others assume they have more time to make it through an amber traffic signal. When any driver makes the wrong call, the results can be deadly.

Turning While the View Is Obstructed

Left turns are far more dangerous than right turns. Making a left turn onto a multi-lane roadway with an obstructed view of oncoming vehicles puts everyone in danger. You may fail to realize how quickly those cars are approaching from the opposite direction, or you may not even see them until it’s too late.

Illegal Maneuvers

While speeding is illegal, there are other ways that drivers violate the rules at intersections. Failing to yield the right of way, running traffic lights, and other fool-hardy behaviors are often the reason why intersections are so problematic.

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is one of the major causes of car accidents on any road. When drivers don’t pay attention, they put everyone at risk, especially at the more dangerous intersections in Colorado Springs.

Smartphones are the most common distraction for drivers who text, watch videos, or look up directions while driving. It’s not the only distraction, with eating, grooming, tuning the radio, and passengers also taking attention away from drivers. It only takes a split second for a car crash to occur. Give your full attention to the task of driving, whether you’re at one of the most dangerous intersections to avoid a collision.

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