Car Logos with Horse

Animals are frequently seen on the logos of companies in the automobile sector.Typically, they are depictions of fast and strong creatures.Since horses have long been one of the most widely used forms of transportation, several auto manufacturers have used the image of a horse as their emblem.

Car Logos with Horse

Horse-themed auto brands stand for power, speed, confidence, and strength.They captivate people around the world not only with their exterior but also with their speed, advancedtechnology, and technical characteristics.There are several recognized and some less-known car brands that use a horse as part of their logo.


Porsche Horse Logo

The German company Porsche AG was founded in 1931 by Dr. Ferdinand Porsche, whose family is still the main shareholder. This is a company with the highest income in the world, and its cars are recognized as one of the most reliable. The German brand Porsche is famous for its expensive luxury cars. Elegance and sophistication are an integral part of all the automobile models of the brand and even in the logo. The emblem of the brand depicts the coat of arms of Stuttgart. It features a black, prancing horse, which symbolized the beauty and power of this brand.


Ferrari Horse Logo

Ferrari is the legend of the automotive world, the most successful team in the history of Formula 1, and the dream of many boys and men.The history of Ferrari began in 1947 when its first automobile with the emblem featuring a prancing stallion was produced at the Maranello plant. Since then, a horse standing on its hind legs is the center of the Ferrari’s logo. The Ferrari emblem is a masterpiece, a tragic story, and a mystery all rolled into one. The prancing stallion image was suggested to Enzo Ferrari by the mother of the Italian pilot Francesco Baracca, who died in the First World War.It was depicted on a yellow background with the Italian flag on top and the name of the brand below it.

Ford Mustang

Ford Mustang Horse Logo

The Ford Mustang is an American muscle car whose history begins in the 60s. Mustang introduced the trend for “pony-class” cars, which were stylized as sports cars with a powerful but stock engine and a coupe-shaped body with long hoods and short rears.Its logo is recognizable by all car lovers around the world. A racing horse is one of the best associations for a sports car brand. It is a reflection of the strength, speed, and at the same time stylish look of each new car under this brand. In addition, the animal resembled mustangs roaming the wild west of the United States.The original emblem was drawn by Phillip Thomas Clark, who worked on it for several months.


Baojun Horse Logo

The Baojun brand appeared as a result of cooperation between the American concern General Motors and the Chinese automakers SAIC and Wuling Motors. The new brand is meant to present cars in accordance with the preferences of the local market. Baojun is literally translated from Chinese as a precious horse. This leaves no second thoughts as to why a stylized horse’s head on a heraldic shield has been used for the emblem on cars that do not really reflect the powerful characteristics of the animal. Nonetheless, the horse profile on the logo symbolizes the loyalty and dependability of the animal.

Hanteng Autos

Hanteng Autos Horse Logo

Hanteng (loosely translated as “Chinese spirit”) Autos company was founded back in 2013, but the first car was presented only three years later.Hanteng Autos debuted the X7 SUV. The brand logo resembles the Ferrariemblem. It is also a prancing horse, but on a red background, and not on a yellow one, like the Italian supercar manufacturer has. Its 3D appearance and silver metallic color give the emblem a unique look. The rich red background fills the logo with more energy and even gives it a feeling of dominance, Considering that the company is focusing on SUVs, which are bigger and more powerful than regular cars, a such logo is quite appropriate.


Khodro Horse Logo

The company has a rich history, which started back in the 1960s.The founders didn’t bother much with the name. Until 1979, the manufacturer was known as Iran National, and then it was renamed Iran Khodro, where khodro is simply “car” in Persian.The company is huge and rightfully calls itself the largest in the Middle East. Its logo is just as grand. It features an outline of a silver horse head. It is placed on a shield of a blue color with a silver border. The blue gradient gives a sense of stability, loyalty, and confidence. The overall look is elegant and powerful.

Carlsson Automobile

Carlsson Automobile Horse Logo

Carlsson Automobile is a German company. It is one of the world’s leading tuners when it comes to Mercedes car styling. It specializes indeveloping sports-exclusive tuning programs for Mercedes-Benz since the 1970s. The sports theme is also reflected in its logo with a dynamic image of a horse. The horse is jumping. Thanks to the white color and light gray outline, the horse looks light, elegant, and as if flying in the air. The name of the brand, done in the same gray, completes the picture. The overall look is bold, yet stylish and graceful, all the features one would like to see in a sports car.

Asquith Motors

Asquith Motors Horse Logo

Asquith Motor, which started its activity in 1980s, differs from other replica car manufacturers in that it does not produce replicasof passenger cars, but delivery vans and buses in the style of the 1920s.This brand also went for a horse theme, creating a unique and sophisticated emblem for its vehicles. Although a green banner with white, sans-serif letters that spelled out the name of the company was in the center, there was another detail that caught one’s attention. It was a silhouette of a horse jumping out from behind the banner. The animal had dignity, grace, and determination about it.

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