Can the Kia Seltos Tow a Trailer?

Kia is one of the oldest manufacturing motor vehicle corporations in Korea, and it has grown from being a manufacturer of bicycles and motorcycles to the fifth vehicle manufacturer in the world. Kia has a leading path in the manufacture of vehicles of great endurance and reliability. Amid a hard time of the pandemic and all the struggles that corporations as big as Kia went through, Kia entered the year 2021 with a sleek, bold, and aesthetic reinvention for its brand that caught the eye of every driver on the road. The modernized design of its logo delivered a powerful and sharp message of entering a new era in stability, sustainability, and the birth of more unique brands from Kia.

Kia Seltos’ first release in Europe was in 2021. The rejuvenation and creation of Kia’s brand and the new release of Seltos have generated not only exceptional but phenomenal new successes for Kia. The Kia Seltos created a new edge for an SUV; its medium size is a great advantage to many people who used to like the Sportage but found it rather large and didn’t really favor the Soul for being a bit compact and small. In addition to Seltos inventive design and size advantage, the vehicle’s performance and efficiency are quite impressive. Read through our article to know if Kia Seltos can tow a trailer.

Can the Kia Seltos Tow a Trailer

Durability and Reliability of the Seltos Engine

The Seltos comes in two engine powers, the 2-liter four-cylinder and the turbocharged 1.6-liter four-cylinder engines.  Now which is better, it depends on your usage and needs. So if you’re likely to take your family or friends on camping trips, and planning on hauling a boat, trailer, or camper, the powerful 1.6-liters turbocharged is a good choice. The turbocharged engine boosts a bit more to the capacity of the engine in the event of towing or hauling. The 2-liter Seltos is best used for daily commuting, and it’s also an excellent choice for road trips. As a matter of fact, both engines’ capacities and changing gears are reliable and easy to tackle on the road.

The Towing Capacity of Seltos

The towing capacity of any vehicle depends on its horsepower and engine torque. As for the Kia Seltos, the 2-liter 4-cylinder engine generates 147 horsepower and 132 lb-ft of torque, while the 1.6-liter turbocharged engine generates 175 horsepower and 195 lb-ft of torque. Both engines are powerful, but if you’re planning on towing some stuff with your Seltos, it’s best done with a turbocharged engine as it adds capacity when towing larger loads. Well, it’s not recommended by Kia to use their new Seltos for towing, and the company hasn’t released any information concerning Seltos’ towing capacities by year to its clients. The vehicle doesn’t even have a trailing hitch, but one can be easily installed if needed. However, based on clients’ experiences and information, the Kia Seltos has a potential towing capacity of 2000 pounds. The vehicle can tow small trailers and boats, but it’s recommended not to go beyond the 2000-pound capacity.

Cargo Space in Seltos

Although the Seltos SUV is a new release by Kia Motors, it has been proved reliable and efficient like most Kia vehicles. In addition to its towing capacity, Seltos provides its passengers with an extra cargo space of 26.6 cubic feet for its rear compartment, let alone an extended space that reaches 62.8 cubic feet when folding the back passengers’ seats. The Seltos SUV is considered one of the most convenient vehicles of its class regarding cargo space. The high-end trims of the model have additional roof trails that can easily carry items that don’t fit inside the vehicle. Kia Seltos is a 5-passenger vehicle with plenty of room for all passengers to be seated comfortably. The head and legroom make it a convenient choice for tall adults.

Additional Safety Features Offered by Seltos

Kia Seltos offer several safety features. The vehicle is loaded with six airbags as a standard feature in all the Seltos vehicle categories, traction control, and ABS brakes, safety options that ensures passengers’ safety on the road. The vehicle also has a lane-departure warning and lane-keeping assist, a blind-spot mirror, cross-traffic rear alerts, and a rear parking camera. One of the greatest features that keep pedestrians safe on the road is the automated emergency braking equipped in Seltos and a driver’s attention warning system. Kia Seltos is considered high in safety and performance, comfortable and spacious when compared to other vehicles in its segment.

Can the Kia Seltos Tow a Trailer

The reputation of Kia in manufacturing reliable, safe, efficient, and high-performance vehicles on the road is well earned throughout decades in the industry. In 2021, Kia entered the market with an innovative, iconic logo, state-of-the-art new releases, and rejuvenated designs of existing Kia brands. The corporation gained the trust of many customers in the global market, engraving its name in a new era of modern mobility and technology.

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