6 Common Car Issues And How To Deal With Them

Cars are useful tools in this modern era. They grant the unbridled freedom of reaching places that, otherwise, would take much longer to arrive. However, these are merely the basics. For many, a car is a treasure as well; a purchase that provides unlimited anecdotes, trips, and, overall, unforgettable memories. One could argue that, along with a pet, a car is yet another member of the family. 

Unfortunately, quite often, the car fails to work. It is especially difficult to deal with such problems because a car has a great number of functions and parts. Is the main problem related to the wheels or to the battery? What if it is the two of them? And in that case, what should you do? Do not worry. Here are 6 of the most common car issues and their solutions. 


The lifespan of a car battery is not eternal. It can die any minute just because it runs out of power. Plus, there are certain elements that interfere with its life. For example, cold weather weakens the battery, and having the lights and heaters turned on for extended periods of time does the same.

To solve this issue, you need to attach a jumper wire to the dead battery and the other end to a functioning battery. The jump starter will have enough power for the vehicle to start. Nonetheless, there is a chance it doesn’t occur. If that’s the case, the battery needs to be replaced with a new one. 


Driving through poorly maintained roads slowly wears the car’s tires off. Running over potholes or any sharp object also damages wheels. Always bear in mind, however, that a flat tire is sometimes the result of simply using them. There is no way to prevent it; tires are bound to be replaced. 

The solution, then, relies on previous preparation. Get some backup tires and when the time comes, do the following: place the jack perpendicularly against the underside of the vehicle, then raise it until it is supporting. Remove the hubcap a bit and loosen the nuts. Lift the tire off ground with the jack, then remove the hubcap and nuts completely. Lastly, remove the old tire and place the new one onto the hub. Tighten everything up and there, you’re done. 


The reasons for overheating are numerous: problems with the radiator, leaks in the cooling system, water pump malfunction, or corrosion blocking the hose. With so much heavy machinery on the road, an overheated diesel engine is a dangerous yet quite typical issue. If this occurs, the first thing you have to do is open the car’s windows, turn on the heat (to take the heat out from the engine), and once the car is stopped, call for assistance. Later, a mechanic makes an engine overhaul and leaves it brand new. 

Paint Fading 

It is not always a matter of functionality. The outside is important too. Indeed, looks are relevant! After all, no one wants their car to have the paint all chipped out. It is a shame that everything is a threat to the paint: the sunlight, hailstone, corrosion, and even certain cleaning elements. 

To avoid this, the simplest solution is to not park your car for too long under the sun. Naturally, one will inevitably do it. So, when the paint fades, take the car to a car body shop and have it painted. What’s more, buying a paint protector is a good way to avoid having to take it to a shop in the first place. 

Brakes Squealing 

Not only is a squealing brake a nuisance for your ears, but it is also a dangerous situation. Accidents due to poorly working brakes have led to numerous casualties.

Why does this happen? The main reason is that the brake pads are worn. This element is in charge of slowing down and stopping the car. The second reason is the accumulation of dust or moisture, which appears after your car has been out on a rainy night. 

When this occurs, ensure you take your car to the service center and have it checked out. A mechanic will replace the brake pad with a working one. In the case of moisture, it is enough to drive your car for a while until the wetness dissipates. 

Excessive Smoke 

It is not natural for a car to produce too much smoke. Worse still, is when the smoke comes out black. This is neither good for the environment nor for the car. Black smoke is the consequence of an engine running rich in fuel. In other words, it is not burning gasoline completely. 

To fix it, add a system cleaner to the gas tank, which cleans everything whenever you drive. If that doesn’t work, the alternative is to take the car to a mechanic and have it repaired. 

Owning a car is a practical and convenient source of joy. Sadly, you never pay for it once. Buying it is but the first step. The car needs constant maintenance, which of course, involves spending more money. Sooner or later, one of these issues appears and creates some worries. Don’t panic. Everything has a solution. In the long run, repairing every now and then is a price worth paying. 

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