Volvo manufacturer


Founded 1927
Volvo founder Gustav Larson
Assar Gabrielsson
Volvo headquarters Gothenburg, Sweden
Volvo parent Geely
Volvo official website

Who makes Volvo?

Established in 1927, Volvo has never been a completely independent company. It was created as a subsidiary of the SKF company, and now is the property of a Chinese multinational car maker Zhejiang Geely Holding Group (or just Geely).

The original owner of Volvo, the SKF company, sold most of the shares in 1935. For almost 70 years the automaker was the property of AB Volvo until Ford purchased it in 1999. Eleven years later the company changed its owner once again. As of 2017, Geely hasn’t ever claimed that it has plans to sell Volvo to any third party.

Some of the most important markets for Swedish car maker are the US, Sweden, China, and Belgium.


Where is Volvo made?

Not only is Volvo headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden, the company’s R&D and Safety Center are also located there. This is where most cars are developed. However, it is not the only location taking part in creating new Volvos: part of the company’s designer team works in the Shanghai headquarters in China.



There are two plants in Volvo’s country of origin. The first one, based in Torslanda, was established in 1964. It builds several models, including the S80, the S40, the S60, the V50, and the XC60. The other plant, which is located in Uddevalla, manufactures only one model, the C70.


Here is where one of the two main Volvo manufacturing plants is based. The factory in Ghent, which was built in 1965, makes the C30, the S40, the S60, the V50, and the XC60 models.

Thailand and Malaysia


The Thailand plant currently makes four newer Volvo cars: the S80, the S60, the V70 and the XC90. In addition to this, the same factory also deals with several models from the older range.

It is worth mentioning the Kuala Lumpur plant in Malaysia. It is a rather old production site (established in 1967) focusing on producing vehicles for left hand drive. The range of cars manufactured here includes the S60, the S80, the V40, the V60, the XC60, and the XC90.


The Chinese factories are comparatively new. The oldest one, Chang’an-Volvo located in Chongqing, started to work in 2009. It currently focuses on one model only, the S80L. In 2013 and 2014 two new Volvo manufacturing plants appeared in China. Both of them belong to Zhejiang Geely-Volvo. The older one, which is located in Chengdu, constructs the S60L and the XC60 models, while the newer one, which is based in Daqing, manufactures the S90L and the XC Classic.

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