Toyota manufacturer


Native name トヨタ自動車株式会社
Founded 1937
Toyota founder Kiichiro Toyoda
Toyota headquarters Toyota, Aichi, Japan
Divisions Lexus
Slogan “Let’s Go Places”
Toyota official website

Who makes Toyota?

Toyota Motor Corporation is often named the world’s largest automobile manufacturer by production. Moreover, it is among the largest companies in the world by revenue. In addition to Toyota Industries (7% stake), the list of company’s owners includes Nippon Life (3.5%) and Denso (2,5%).


Where is Toyota made?

Taking into consideration that Toyota is one of the world’s largest automakers selling cars in many countries, it is hardly a surprise that the company has a wide net of assembly plants. There are Toyota manufacturing plants in more than 25 countries. Some of them belong to Toyota itself, while others are joint ventures or contract factories.



There are over 30 plants in the land of the rising sun, Toyota’s country of origin. More than half of them are located in Toyota, Aichi and several more are located in other cities of the Aichi Prefecture (Miyoshi, Tahara, Kariya). The Honsha plant, which is the oldest one, was established in 1938.

Range of products manufactured in Japan varies from cars to transmissions, engines, and stamping molds.



Toyota Camry sold in the US was more than once named “The most American car”. This means that it is not only assembled within the country, but also includes considerable amount of domestic content. Toyota has several other models among the “most American” vehicles.

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Currently the company operates about 6 plants in the US, and there are also 3 plants that are joint ventures.

Toyota manufacturing plants are situated in Blue Springs, Mississippi; Georgetown, Kentucky; San Antonio, Texas; Princeton, Indiana; Huntsville, Alabama, and Buffalo, West Virginia.

What plants manufacture Toyota’s most popular models?

The Corolla is produced at around 15 plants all over the world: in China, India, Vietnam, Brazil, Canada, South Africa, Mexico, Thailand, Turkey, and Venezuela. The Corollas sold in the US are manufactured at Toyota Motor Manufacturing Mississippi, Inc. (Blue Springs). Japanese plants assembling this model are located in Toyota, Aichi and Susono, Shizuoka.

As for another popular model, Camry, it is made in Australia, Thailand, China, Vietnam, and Russian Federation (in Saint Petersburg and Shushary). There are also Camry manufacturing sites in the US (in Georgetown, Kentucky) and in Japan (Toyota, Aichi).

Plants responsible for building the Prius include the Tsutsumi plant and the Fujimatsu plant (both in the Aichi Prefecture in Japan).

One more model, the RAV4, is constructed in Canada and Japan (Tahara, Aichi and Ōbu, Aichi).

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