Top 5 best Family cars in 2020

If you are a family man and love to make trips with your family, you should read this article. It contains detailed information about the top 5 best family cars in 2020. There are more than a hundred cars launched in a year. It is very challenging to select the best family car. Don’t worry; we are here to solve your issue. These are the best family cars in 2020.

1. Volkswagen Golf

Volkswagen cars are a trendy choice among many families. The new model of Volkswagen Golf is beautiful and has almost all safety and advanced driving features that you can expect from Volkswagen. It is a spacious and well-designed family car.
Steering handling is agile, accurate, and has excellent positive feedback from customers. The interior is well built with lightweight and high-quality material, and its price starts from £23,300. It offers good mileage and decent levels of performance.

2. Volkswagen Tiguan

Volkswagen Tiguan is a sensible, well designed, comfortable, and spacious family SUV. The elevated driving position promotes a complete view of the road ahead and has a lot of space to put your big boots. Volkswagen offers excellent deals on this family care. It is highly rated as the best family SUV. If you are looking for a seven-seat family car, Volkswagen Tiguan will be the best selection.
You can travel, and if you feel tired, you should use smokingthings products to ease your pain of driving. The price starts from £25,460. It is an excellent deal for such a comfortable and spacious SUV.

3. Mercedes A-Class

If you are looking for high-end family care, the Mercedes A-Class has excellent prestige among users and offers an elegant look and impressive interior. Many technologies are on the board, and all of them work for you to make your driving experience comfortable. It has an agile infotainment system, and it is among the sophisticated family care that every driver loves to drive.
The price starts from £23,755. It has an excellent sound handling system, and you will love to take long rides in this car.

4. Dacia Duster

If you are looking for spacious and budget-friendly are then Dacia Duster will be a suitable option. Its price starts from £11,245. It is a great deal, and you will get spacious, advanced, and high-end care in return. Although it is a cheap priced car, you can’t underestimate this car’s functions and technicality.
It offers a 7-inch infotainment system. It passed the Euro NCAP crash test, so you don’t have to worry about your family’s safety. Its 1.5-liter diesel engine is economical and efficient to enjoy driving.

5. Skoda Kodiaq

If you want a high speed and advanced family car, you should not overlook Skoda Kodiaq. Its price starts from £26,810 and has all features just like other high-end cars. It also offers many advanced technological features. It is well designed and has an elegant interior. Its 2 liter TDI style engine has a great sound handling power and works efficiently.


These are the 5 best family cars in 2020. Comment below if you have any experience with these cars.

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