Suzuki manufacturer


Suzuki Information
Native name スズキ株式会社
Founded 1909
Suzuki founder Michio Suzuki
Suzuki headquarters Hamamatsu, Shizuoka, Japan
Suzuki official website

Who makes Suzuki?

In addition to cars, the Japanese corporation Suzuki makes motorcycles, ATVs, and outboard marine engines. It is considered one of the ten world’s largest automakers.


Where is Suzuki made?

Suzuki produces its vehicles at more than 35 factories in over 20 different countries on five continents.

Most of the main Suzuki manufacturing plants are located in Japan.

  1. The Takatsuka plant with the floor space exceeding 150,000m2 and the number of employees exceeding 8.500 focuses on motorcycle engines assembling and machining.
  2. The Kosai plant with more than 1,180,000m2 site area and more than 2.200 employees deals with passenger car and automobile engine assembling. Some of the cars manufactured here include Suzuki Alto, the Spacia, the Lapin, the Wagon R, and the Hustler.
  3. The Iwata plant boasts an area of almost 300,000m2. It specializes on multi-purpose vehicles and commercial vehicles, making Every, Carry, Jimny, and Grand Vitara.
  4. The Toyokawa plant, which has a smaller site area (less than 140,000m2), is responsible for producing motorcycles and outboard motors.
  5. The Sagara plant makes several export and Japanese domestic model, including Suzuki Ignis, Swift, and Solio.
  6. Osuka plant is actually a foundry.
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